What Are the Benefits of an All-in-One Collaboration Tool?

Managing multiple vendors for your web conferencing needs can be complicated and costly. To keep online meetings simple for your organization, consider using an all-in-one collaboration tool.

All-in-one collaboration tools, like PGi’s iMeet®, combine the power of audio, video and web into one interface. This triad of features is a powerhouse when it comes to collaboration, but with an all-in-one collaboration tool you also have the advantage of using one, two or all three features at any time—giving you ability to meet when and where you want.

By combining these features, an all-in-one collaborative tool aims at becoming the smart choice for your online meetings needs through a few key benefits:

Versatile: A dominant benefit of the all-in-one collaboration tool is the freedom to meet when and how you want. This type of tool does not dictate how you meet; it allows you the freedom to meet as you please. One day you could be meeting with a client through crystal clear audio, and the next you could be using with full-blown video and web.

Cost-Saving: Because this tool is so versatile, it lowers your overall cost of collaboration. The tool saves you both time and money when it comes to online meetings.

Because these features are combined in one interface, there are no additional downloads to wait for, saving you and your participants valuable meeting time. It also saves your IT department the time it would normally dedicate toward managing multiple vendors. This also means IT maintenance is easier, as the department will only have to reach out to one point of contact for support.

By bundling audio, video and web together, this tool also resolves the IT and procurement pain point of high audio conferencing expenses. Instead of paying for each feature separately, you’ll cut costs and save time by using a single vendor for all of your collaboration needs.

Convenient Collaboration: Collaboration at your fingertips is an invaluable asset. With these features available in one place, your team will be able to collaborate faster and easier, from any location.

As you’ll be working with a single interface, participants won’t have to worry about switching between applications to keep the meeting going. And because your team members will only be working with one learning tool, they’ll ultimately be more likely to adopt the tool.

With a collaboration tool like iMeet, you and your team will have access to convenient collaboration through both desktop and mobile devices.

These features and benefits combined into one interface create the ultimate tool for collaborating both on-site and remote. If you’re ready to take your collaboration to the next level, try PGi’s iMeet free for 30 days.

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