video managed services

What Are Video Managed Services?

Are you aware you can completely outsource your video conferencing management? Video managed services provide your company with a team of video experts that handle your entire video conferencing environment.

The success of video events hinges on the execution of each part of the complex video conferencing process. Leveraging video managed services, you better ensure that nothing goes wrong, and you get the most value out of your video conferencing solutions.

Providers’ portfolios of video services range from routine maintenance and support to white-glove service and customized solutions. Depending on the provider, deployment, management and support, services may include:

  • Professional consulting services, such as system recommendations, operations planning and user training.
  • Concierge services that add professionalism to events and pre-testing to resolve issues before your call launches.
  • An expert help desk that offers technical video management, remote solution monitoring to catch costly errors before they happen, and end-to-end ticket resolution.
  • Customized video managed solutions like easy UC integration or even on-site staffing to support your company’s unique infrastructure and goals.

Emerging Challenges in Video Management

User-friendly, intuitive video conferencing options are available, but if your company or IT team identifies with the following scenarios, you many need to consider using video managed services:

  • Are your IT resources strained? Managing and resolving video conferencing issues may consume a large percentage of your IT team’s limited time and resources, especially if your company engages in large-scale or high-volume video events. Instead, you could refocus your IT resources by leveraging external video managed services.
  • Does your company have considerable mobile users? Incorporating mobility into your video conferencing strategy requires additional considerations. How will you optimize the mobile experience? How will you support remote users and boost adoption? How will you add security (especially if you support BYOD)? Even if you’re only in the beginning phases of allowing telecommuting or BYOD, you may still need a video services provider to help you embed flexibility in your strategy and future-proof your video solutions.
  • Do you manage multiple video solutions? Global companies with multiple video collaboration solutions encounter problems with standardization. Video managed services experts help you consolidate solutions with a single vendor so you can enjoy cost savings and a single point of contact, without interrupting business operations.
  • Do you need to bridge video solutions? Your company may need to incorporate web or mobile participants into video rooms, as well as customers and partners. Video managed services experts help you make the process seamless and simple and also offer access to the latest video technology to avoid additional investments.

PGi offers more in-depth video managed services, flexibility and expertise to serve your needs, and because PGi video professionals focus more on the end user, you can expect a superior user experience.

Contact a video managed services expert at PGi today to learn more about how video managed services will help you make video a critical communications tool to improve productivity, make faster decisions and grow your business.

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