What is a Smart Calendar App?

In order to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, mobile applications designed to empower productivity are among the most popular on any mobile app store. In recent years, smart calendar apps such as PGi’s  Agenday® have become a popular way to help more intelligently juggle busy schedules, bridging personal and professional gaps by combining all of your calendars and events into a single interface.

But exactly what is a smart calendar app?

While they come in a variety of sizes and feature sets, the basics of a smart calendar app is that of a calendar aggregator; in other words, it can combine multiple existing calendars seamlessly into a single interface without any additional work required on the user’s part. This is typically done by utilizing the calendars already on your tablet and smartphone and pulling the event data together.

Common Smart Calendar Features

In addition to typical calendar features such as scheduling, event editing and reminder notifications, smart calendar apps take your calendar a step further with contextually intelligent, innovative features to make it easier to manage your day.

Smart calendar app features can include:

  • Aggregation of multiple calendars into a single interface, e.g. displaying events from both your work and personal calendars together;
  • Providing actionable information on calendar events, such as links to a maps application from an event address or one-tap dial-in to a conference call;
  • Information about other guests on your events, including contact info, social media profiles and notes;
  • Actionable event notifications that let you dial out to a conference call or launch an online meeting app directly from the meeting reminder notification; and
  • Displaying relevant information based on the location and time-of-day of your events, such as weather conditions, traffic and drive times.

These are just a sample of the unique features offered by many smart calendar apps, and new functionality is constantly being added to these mobile apps as mobile device hardware and software develops and evolves.

Learn More

* Learn how to integrate a smart calendar into your online meetings, including connecting your calendar to your Salesforce account.

* Visit www.agenday.com to learn more about integrating a smart calendar app into your workday.

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