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What is a Video Room Connector (VRC)?

Companies can often invest a lot of money in video room systems. And while these room-based systems are powerful, they often require IT involvement and restrict the ability to connect users who aren’t psychically in the room when video conferencing. Because of this, these costly investments can be grossly underutilized.

But there is a solution to overcome these barriers and connect participants who may be working remote. A video room connector (VRC) enables H.323 or SIP video room systems to communicate with desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

With a video room connector tool, like iMeet® VRC, you’ll not only enhance your video conferencing system and improve your return on that investment, but you’ll have the ability to incorporate a whole set of collaboration tools that will improve your next meeting’s productivity as well. Check out the features of iMeet® VRC that will provide you with an easy-to-use solution:

Seamless integration: You don’t have to worry about which room-based video system provider you have, because iMeet® VRC works with the most popular video conferencing systems in the industry including Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize and more You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate more robust collaboration features into your next video meeting for everyone to use, regardless of where they’re meeting from, and get the most out of your existing video investment.

Easy to Connect: Ready to join your next video conference? With iMeet® VRC, there’s no need to reach out to IT for help establishing the connection. You’ll be able to connect to iMeet from your room-based video conferencing system in a few simple steps through SIP or H.323 protocols.

Enhanced Audio: Even the best video systems aren’t going to be successful if you don’t have the audio capabilities to hear everyone loud and clear. Because iMeet is built on PGi’s global hybrid network, you’ll receive crystal-clear HD audio with every call you make with your VRC.

Improved Collaboration: The whole point of a meeting is to collaborate, right? Well, if you’re not utilizing a VRC with your fix-based system, then potential key-players may be missing out on joining your meeting due to connectivity restrictions.

iMeet® VRC connects the people in the video conference room with remote teammates joining through laptops or mobile devices.

So no matter where you are, or what device you’re using, you’ll be able to collaborate in real time through iMeet’s video, audio and web conferencing features.

Through a robust video room connector like iMeet® VRC, your team will no longer have to choose between the latest collaboration solution and utilizing your video conference room systems.

They’ll be able to meet and collaborate without restrictions or the help of your IT team.

Ready to upgrade your room-based system for better video, audio and web conferencing experiences? Request a free demo now of iMeet® VRC, from our experts at PGi.

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