What Is an Operator Assisted Conference Call?

Submitted by: Ashley Speagle

Operator assisted conference calls are audio conferencing events monitored and managed by a live operator. Also known as attended audio conferencing, this conference call service provides better meeting management for large events with enhanced control and productivity.

How Operator Assisted Conference Calls Work
These fully managed events can be customized and personalized to your business needs before, during and after your conference call. Here’s what the typical lifecycle of an operator assisted conference call looks like:

• Before you begin the event, a lot of planning needs to happen to ensure a smooth call. Event managers handle all call planning, making reservations, sending invites and creating registration. During pre-meeting consultations, you’ll review the call flow and features you want, which may range from custom hold music and scripting to web conferencing integration. During this time, you may also schedule a rehearsal and provide a priority list for guests during Q&A (assigning certain guests first dibs to ask questions).

• During the event, an experienced meeting expert will verify guests and hosts upon entry. Your meeting support may include several live operators with customer service, call operations and voice training. Aside from a lead operator, a call may include a supporting operator, an operator dedicated to the answer line and another operator for the communication line (depending on the size, function and customization of your call). The communication line allows you to speak with operators outside of the conference to notify them of technical issues, prioritize questions, get feedback from polls, request dial outs and unmute lines—all while your conference call continues seamlessly. Visual host controls also provide you with added control over the Q&A and let you see who’s on the line.

• Afterwards, your event manager will send post-meeting attendee reports and professional-grade recordings, which may be customized to include audio editing, transcription, translation and CD encryption. Before you exit the event, you can even request a private meeting with all of your speakers to debrief and discuss your conference call.

When You Need Operator Assistance
Premium, full-service events call for the professional care of a live operator. Choose operator assistance when you need:

• Capacity: Operator assisted calls facilitate a larger audience when you’re making global calls or one-to-many presentations like employee training or corporate and HR announcements. They also provide flexibility to suit any size event, providing a single solution for both SMB and enterprise events.

• Professionalism: Operators lend professionalism to formal events where image matters, like external product marketing. Operators formally introduce speakers and important guests, announce the call agenda and offer special instructions when needed upon guest entry.

• Perfection: When nothing can go wrong, operator assistance ensures a flawless delivery for high-stakes, high-profile events like IR calls. Start on time, end on time and ensure technical glitches don’t occur.

• Security: Using a client-provided participant list, an operator personally joins and validates attendees by requesting a confirmation number or the host’s or speaker’s name. On top of greeted entry, operators ensure everyone joins the call securely and can remove unwanted guests during the event to protect sensitive information.

• Mediation: When you’re planning a large-scale, lengthy Q&A, operator assistance creates a smooth, easy and timely process for hosts to take questions. This is particularly handy for events like corporate town halls, all-hands meetings and focus groups.

• Hands-on Help: When you’re low on time and unfamiliar with audio conferencing, operator assistance takes the guess work out of inviting, connecting and hosting conference calls. High-touch, end-to-end management produces a superior user experience and lets the host and speakers better focus on the message, not the meeting logistics.

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