What is Audio Conferencing?

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Audio Conferencing Defined

Audio conferencing is the practice of connecting multiple called parties on a single audio conference call, with multiple lines connected through a conferencing bridge.

We’ve put together this guide to help you successfully connect, host and participate in audio conference calls.

Connecting to an Audio Conference Call

Audio conferencing participants can either be dialed directly by the meeting host or dial in manually to the conferencing bridge to join the call. Modern audio conferencing solutions allow for alternate connections methods such as cloud-based web connections using VoIP or connecting through smartphone or tablet applications.

Hosting an Audio Conference Call

Audio conference hosts are typically given a dial-in number and passcode to distribute to meeting attendees who use to join the conference call. Hosts can also control features like volume, muting, locking/unlocking the call, removing guests and more using so-called “star commands,” or key combinations involving the “*” button on the phone and a series of numbers that correspond to the feature being used.

Modern audio conferencing solutions often include a visual software component that can control many of these features using the host’s desktop or laptop to manipulate settings, control guest volume, etc. You can now find audio integrated into video conferencing and web conferencing tools for a single, all-in-one conferencing solution.

Participating in an Audio Conference

Audio conferencing participants typically also have access to star commands, although a more limited set than the audio conference host. These commands allow them to mute their lines or control their volumes. Participants have a variety of ways they can join an audio conference, including traditional dial-in, through mobile apps or through VoIP connections on a desktop or laptop.

Choosing an Audio Solution

Audio quality is a critical component to the day-to-day enterprise. However, oftentimes businesses put their audio solution on the backburner because of the complexity of other communication and collaboration software. Audio conferencing has grown increasingly more complex, and there are several key things to consider when choosing a solution:

  • How easy is it?
  • Is it mobile?
  • Does it support multiple connection methods simultaneously?
  • Does it integrate with your existing tools, or offer support for web conferencing and video conferencing integrations?
  • What is the size of your audience?
  • Do you need to communicate internationally?

Get a fresh new take on audio conferencing with the highest audio quality and an easy-to-use visual interface that works across devices.

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