Collaboration Solution

What Is a Collaboration Solution?

The unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) space is booming and as the UC&C market grows increasingly expansive, so, too, does the verbiage used to describe UC&C technology. The term “collaboration solution” is often thrown about, and while you may have heard the term before, it’s important to understand what a collaboration solution entails before you embark upon on your UC&C journey. Before you can answer the question “How can a collaboration solution help me?” you must first know the answer to “What is a collaboration solution?

What is a Collaboration Solution?

Put simply, a collaboration solution is software that enables communication and collaboration on a grand scale. There are different iterations of collaboration solutions, with varying features like web, video and audio conferencing, as well as chat, IM, presence, file and screen sharing and even project management capabilities.

While collaboration is an action – a facet of human behavior – rather than a process that can be carried out by technology, in today’s tech heavy workplace, collaboration is nearly impossible without the proper collaboration solution.

How to Find the Right Solution

The key to finding the perfect collaboration software for your organization is to first identify your team’s unique collaborative needs. How does your team communicate best, and in what areas does your collaboration struggle? What technological needs are not being met in your organization, and how is this lack of technology negatively affection communication? How can you streamline communication and facilitate better teamwork in your particular organization?

The good news is, there is a perfect collaboration solution out there for you, and PGi can help you find it. It’s all about identifying your collaborative needs and finding the perfect software to meet those needs and foster collaboration in your workplace. To identify and analyze your collaboration needs, all you need to do is take PGi’s Collaboration Diagnostic Survey.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to increase productivity or decrease out of pocket expenses, the Collaboration Diagnostic will provide detailed insights into what your company needs in a collaboration solution and allow you to understand more about your users in order to better frame your purchasing strategies, budgets and collaboration requirements.

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