What Is VoIP Call?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows you to make calls directly through your Internet connection for fast, mobile and affordable web and audio conferencing.

Traditionally, when you make calls by dialing on a telephone or cell phone, you connect via PSTN (public switched telephone network). Alternatively, VoIP converts your voice information to a digital form that is transportable through the Internet, bypassing the additional costs of connecting via telephone.

You’ll often hear the term “softphone” used in relation to VoIP, but the two are not quite interchangeable. Unlike VoIP (the means that you connect), a softphone is the software (or the medium) that facilitates VoIP calls with an interface and features that behave much like a typical telephone.

What Is VoIP

VoIP Puts the Hybrid in Audio Conferencing
The integration of VoIP is exactly what makes PGi’s audio conferencing a hybrid solution. From one, easy-to-use interface, you choose how you want to connect (VoIP or PSTN) for the utmost convenience from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

And that same industry-leading, hybrid audio network is integrated across PGi’s portfolio of collaboration solutions for a simplified, seamless experience. That means whether you’re hosting an online meeting or connecting to a conference call, you’ll have an integrated VoIP softphone option available for more flexibility.

While VoIP is an excellent option to have for cost and convenience, on the other hand, VoIP-only collaboration solutions also benefit greatly from hybrid audio enhancements. No matter how you’re connecting, with a web conferencing solution or unified communication (US) suite, you’ll encounter the same limitations to meeting when you’re missing either PSTN or VoIP access options.

Because organizations increasingly need to connect outside of the company, and because users are increasingly mobile, hybrid audio integrations are popular add-ons to VoIP-powered collaboration solutions.

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