What Is Web Conferencing?

Submitted by: Ashley Speagle

Web conferencing is a real-time, multipoint, online communications solution that supports simultaneous interaction between dispersed users. As the name implies, it is a web-based tool that incorporates voice audio (supported by a telephone bridge or voice over Internet Protocol), web cam video (from virtually any device) and text-based chat communications.

While web conferencing shares many qualities with video conferencing, what really sets it apart are the additional features that allow for online content collaboration, such as collaborative file annotating and desktop sharing. Aside from file and screen sharing, web conferencing features also encompass real-time chat, polling, Q&A, recording and more.

Web conferencing provides a sophisticated, engaging communication platform for users collaborating across distances or without access to traditional conference rooms. Use cases may include remote teams, global or regional offices, business-to-client interactions (like marketing or sales) or even cross-departmental collaboration.

The interactive features included, like the ability to pass host and presentation controls, make web conferencing ideal for engagement with your team or target audience. Because it is a “many-to-many” collaboration tool, it works best for small to medium group collaboration (as opposed to the large capacities of webinars and webcasts), such as online meetings, presentations, training or customer support.

Though many businesses are still adapting online meetings and video presentations, today’s web conferencing solutions are easy and simple to use with the capacity for a global reach (without the travel).

Cloud-based applications let users implement web conferencing right through their browser. And with no downloads for guests, no delays and the mobility to take meetings anywhere, web conferencing is increasingly essential for productivity in the modern workplace.

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