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what is webcasting

What is webcasting?

A combination of the words “web” and “broadcast,” a webcast is a live or on-demand media presentation presented over the Internet. Webcasts functioning as “one-to-many” broadcasts of an audio or video event and typically feature interactive features such as polling and Q&A. Webcasts can vary widely in scope and logistics, from an individual broadcasting using their laptop and webcam to full-scale film crews and satellite trucks.

Examples of webcasts (live and on-demand) include television programming streamed online, radio content streamed online and, in the commercial sector, investor relations presentations and e-learning trainings and seminars.

Business Applications

In the world of business, webcasts are used for a wide variety of applications. Departments that utilize webcasts include:

Marketing for sponsored webcasts to generate leads;

* Corporate communications for both internal and external company announcements and executive communications;

Human resources for on-boarding, training and benefits presentations;

Investor relations for conferences, analyst days and video earnings calls; and

Sales for trainings, product updates and marketing initiatives.

Hosting a Webcast

Webcasts for businesses typically fall into two categories: managed and self-service.

For a managed webcast, the service provider handles everything from logistics, filming, broadcasting and more, providing a true end-to-end service experience.

Self-service webcasting offers individuals or businesses access to enterprise-grade webcasting, publishing, editing and analytics tools so they can host their own webcasts using their existing technology infrastructure.

Learn More

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