GlobalMeet Audio WebEx integration

What is WebEx Audio Integration?

You’ve chosen Cisco® WebEx® to go virtual with your big events, but are you confident your audio works? Do you have the best quality, global coverage and audio control available, as well as numerous ways to connect your callers?

With WebEx audio integration you can improve your WebEx experience even more for the most productive, efficient and reliable trainings and meetings. Companies of all sizes will benefit from the superior service and support of an audio conferencing market leader alongside your web conferencing solution.

WebEx Audio Integration

What Is WebEx Audio Integration?
Audio integration takes the functionality of two different applications and merges them so users access both within a single interface. An adapter relays signals between applications and servers to transfer data and transform all of the complexity happening behind the scenes into a simultaneous, seamless experience for the user.

For example, take PGi’s GlobalMeet® adapter, which integrates GlobalMeet audio bridges with WebEx servers. While WebEx shares web conferencing data to users’ computers, PGi connects users to audio via a PSTN or Internet connection. The meeting host then uses native controls within the existing web conferencing interface to manage all audio aspects of the event.

The end result is, users never know they’re accessing a separate component, limiting confusion while enhancing the meeting experience. In fact, PGi’s seamless audio integration with WebEx tools requires no additional hardware, maintenance or end user training, making it an easy way to extend the value of your WebEx investment.

Why It Matters

WebEx audio integration transforms your events with:

  • Enhanced audio control. Integrated audio offers robust features to accommodate even more types of callers and events. Save time by muting everyone in a single click, or lock a call to control participation. Have the web conference call you, or dial out to add participants.
  • Crystal clear audio. When you need flawlessness for meetings, trainings, sales or customer support, enterprise-class audio integration provides reliable, high-quality audio, even when your events scale to hundreds of participants.
  • More ways to connect. Hybrid audio integrations provide a seamless, consistent experience for dial-in, dial-out, PSTN and VoIP callers, and of course the ability to connect via VoIP from any location in the world greatly reduces your conferencing costs.
  • Superior audio support. Not all audio conferencing providers are the same, and some are really software companies, not audio experts. When your audio conferencing solution is built by audio experts, you can expect better in-meeting assistance specifically for fine-tuning, or rescuing, your audio connections.
  • Better global coverage. When you need to connect people outside of your company from all over the world, you need more local access points and regional softphone servers. Plus, a provider with years of experience building relationships with worldwide carriers offers better audio conferencing rates.

Learn More

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