Screen Sharing Software

What’s So Special about Screen Sharing Software?

Online meeting tools and screen sharing software are a vital part of business collaboration for many types of companies. Through screen sharing, marketers can showcase new products, sales professionals can host quick demos and HR teams can present training sessions. This type of innovative software gives professionals the ability to take their presentations to the next level.

So, what features make screen sharing software so special? Let’s take a look at the different types of screen sharing software and their features:

Basic Screen Sharing Software
The primary purpose for screen sharing software is to enable a host to share a presentation with a group. With basic screen sharing software, a user can grant participants access to see his or her presentation by sharing their desktop. Hosts can utilize any type of slide presentation tools, share videos and showcase documents to the meeting participants.

Though basic screen sharing is a great option for business professionals who may not need advanced features, there are potential security issues with allowing participants to view all of the host’s desktop. Sensitive information, like emails or instant messages, could accidently be viewed by those attending the presentation.

Integrated Screen Sharing Solution
A screen sharing solution that is integrated with an online meeting tool can take your presentation to the next level with a variety of advanced features that basic screen sharing software does not have. A tool like PGi’s iMeet has features that allow a host to share not only their entire screen, but specific windows or applications. This helps avoid potential security issues or distractions during the screen sharing experience.

Most screen sharing software not only allows a host to share a presentation, but enables the host to pass the controls to guests to share their screen as well. This works especially well if a team is meeting together to showcase multiple presentations. And because screen sharing is already integrated into the online meeting tool, there’s no additional downloads for hosts or meeting guests.

Teams can also enhance productivity and cut down on multitasking by collaborating on documents together. By keeping your audience engaged with the presentation, you’ll avoid losing them to multitasking.

Screen sharing is an incredibly powerful tool to help maximize productivity within an organization. Regardless of how advanced you’d like your screen sharing software to be, you’ll be able to make the most out of your meeting or presentation, and reduce travel costs while you’re at it!

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