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What’s the Best Way to Join a Mobile Meeting?

The ability to join a meeting from any location increases your productivity by leaps and bounds, but despite all the increasing connectivity and access to information, your mobile device still poses limits to work productivity.

To enhance your device’s collaboration functionality, you need a mobile meeting app.

What’s Limiting Your Mobile Productivity

Whether it’s mobile conference calls or web conferences, joining a meeting on the go presents challenges to effective collaboration. As a mobile worker, you probably multi-task and deal with background noise more often than at your desktop (shouting baristas, flight attendants over speakers, barking dogs, honking cars, etc.).

Additionally, navigating your mobile device isn’t as easy as a desktop. Between the smaller screen and toggling between tabs and applications, it’s difficult to quickly find information. Although your smartphone is bursting with information right in your hand, everything is separated into applications, gated by taps and swipes.

However, just because mobile devices have their limits, you won’t see them disappearing from workers’ hands. Already, 51 percent of employees use mobile devices — laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets — to remotely work, 22 percent of which use them to remotely access online meetings, according to the 2014 Sage U.S. SMB Survey on Mobile Devices.

Outsource the Details to a Mobile Meeting App

What your mobile device can’t do, though, a mobile meeting app can: consolidate meeting information on a clean interface with small screens in mind and provide one-touch conference dialing.

For instance, PGi’s iMeet meeting app for the iPhone, iPad and Android makes joining a meeting as simple as tapping the “Join a Meeting” button from your contacts, which are automatically synced across your devices. For guests without an iMeet account, just enter your contact’s consistent, personalized meeting URL to log in for free.

Other integrated applications also simplify entry into mobile meetings, like PGi’s smart calendar. Agenday builds on that easy entry by putting all of your calendars, and all of your meetings, on a single app.

Set up meeting notifications that you can tap to join and avoid typing passcodes. Customize your call settings to save more time. You have the option to set dial-in or VoIP as your default to join, or you can choose to have the meeting call you or have Agenday ask before each meeting.

Agenday also provides local call routing using PGi patented technology to auto-detect your location and present available local call-in numbers. Helping you avoid toll-free and international numbers, Agenday lowers your costs.

You’ll never miss a meeting because you can’t find the information, helping you stay productive while you’re away from the office. Download iMeet meeting apps and Agenday now to experience better meetings.

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