When Should Businesses Use Virtual Meeting Solutions?

The workplace is rapidly evolving and more organizations are expanding globally. Because of this, modern businesses are always looking for ways to improve collaboration and productivity between teams.  From marketing and sales to human resources and executive leadership, all functions of an enterprise can utilize a virtual meeting solution to create and sustain a competitive advantage.

The obvious benefits of virtual meetings are keeping your teams engaged, helping them stay motivated and ultimately, increasing productivity. But a virtual meeting solution not only benefits communications; it can also cut costs and save time.

So, when should your business consider using a virtual meeting solution? 

When travel costs are high: In today’s globalized economy, travel is often unavoidable. Traveling across the country or internationally to meet face-to-face with clients or prospects is a business ritual that will always be honored.

But if your budget is tight, it may be time to consider an alternative to your next face-to-face meeting.

Using a virtual meeting solution in the place of travel is one of the easiest ways to cut costs.

With new technology, including high definition video, crystal clear audio and file sharing, today’s virtual meeting closely imitates the traditional in-person interaction. 

If you have a dispersed workforce: A dispersed workforce is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in the modern workplace. These teams often face unique communication challenges, like slow, lost or nonexistent communication.

Most of these teams rely on email, phone and instant message to communicate and collaborate, but because the majority of communication is relayed through non-verbal visual cues, these methods aren’t the most effective.

A virtual meeting solution is a simple way to increase collaboration through features like HD video and audio. A tool like PGi’s iMeet®, which has video, audio and web conferencing capabilities can help your teams stay focused, collaborate efficiently and never miss another visual cue.

You’re looking to improve the hiring process: It’s no secret that the hiring process can be expensive, especially if the candidates are located in other cities or you have various dispersed team members involved in the interviewing process.

Organizations that use virtual meeting solutions with video and audio capabilities can cut down on travel costs, and still enable both the interviewer and candidate to see those ever-important visual cues. Video interviews can also be recorded, allowing those who couldn’t make the meeting the opportunity to see how the candidate interacted with the interviewer.

A virtual meeting solution is a great way to not only save you time and money, but it’s a great way to enhance online collaboration. If your business is ready to see the benefits of a virtual meeting solution, try PGi’s iMeet free for 30 days.

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