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Why Do I Need an Online Team Workspace?

When a project request pops up, you know just where to find your teammates to collaborate: email, instant messaging, on the phone, in file sharing sites, etc. You’ve got a process down pat to lead your team to success, right? Maybe not.

Most teams have used those tools so long that they don’t question whether there’s a better way. In fact, with enhanced productivity and mobility, online team workspaces help you work in ways you never thought possible.

So how do you know when email’s not enough? Here are three signs you need an online team workspace:

  1. Your files are everywhere. You use email to provide project updates, web applications to share revisions, file sharing sites to transfer large documents and chat for instant feedback. For occasional collaboration between a couple people, these scattered, consumer-grade tools may be fine, but large teams with more complex collaboration need a centralized place to connect so everyone spends less time managing files and communication. An online team workspace offers more professional ways to work with a branded, searchable space that consolidates file sharing and displays instant updates with an activity stream.
  2. You’re juggling lots of projects with tight deadlines. Unless your team is tackling something brand new, you probably have a process or workflow in place that you repeat for every project. This type of collaboration solution helps you break down that process and automate each step, saving time and creating transparency so all team members are accountable for their responsibilities. With oversight over workflows, you keep everyone on task, and you speed up the entire process to get ahead of deadlines.
  3. You collaborate with a lot of players. If you collaborate with a large team, other departments, clients and/or agencies outside the company, you need to step up your workspace. Each additional participant or process adds to the complexity of your collaboration, and with external collaborators, you need a space to collaborate with enhanced accessibility and padded security. A single, secure space streamlines that web of interaction. Putting every file, update or comment in a central location keeps everyone on the same page so your project keeps moving forward.

Simpler, even free, tools exist, but you need a better way to connect and capture all of that interaction when you’re managing important content and high-bandwidth collaboration between lots of people.

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