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Why Does Your Small Business Need Web Conferencing?

Audio, video and web conferencing are quickly changing the way everyone does business, and every company is quickly adopting this collaboration technology to stay competitive.

But hold on – isn’t web conferencing just for global enterprises and virtual teams? Actually, even though you may not have offices in every corner of the world, and your team may live within minutes of the office, there are still plenty of benefits to adding small business conferencing to your strategy.

8 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Web Conferencing Now

  1. Improve client interactions: Just because you’re not regional or global, doesn’t mean your clients aren’t. And with small business conferencing, you can provide more personalized customer support with impressive, cutting-edge technology. Turn on your webcam to meet clients face to face, or share your screen for demonstrations.
  2. Build better relationships with partners: Stop relying on in-person meetings and drive down your costs on business travel by nurturing your external partnerships on video. Sure, being there in person may be ideal for first meetings, but afterwards, you’ll save money and time—and be able to collaborate more often—by continuing to meet with your small business conferencing software.
  3. Speed up collaboration with vendors: Need that website redesign or advertisement sooner than later? Share and receive feedback on projects in real time with external vendors using small business conferencing features like file sharing, screen sharing and chat.
  4. Empower your sales team: Give them the tools they need to evolve beyond cold-calling and sales meetings. With all-in-one web conferencing, they can reach more prospects faster to give sales presentations and usher buyers down the funnel.
  5. Keep productivity up: Even the most reliable workers encounter car problems, weather emergencies and just plain burnout. By enabling them to work remotely as a contingency plan, you’ll keep the company running no matter what. And when you’re out of the office on vacation or business trips, web conferencing acts as your virtual office so you can stay connected to your team on the go, even from mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Find better talent: With small business conferencing, it’s easier to work with remote freelancers or even hire full-timers from a bigger pool of talent abroad. You can even conduct job interviews over video without expensing travel.
  7. Get more mileage from events: Wish you could just press play when you need to train a new hire or find a key point from a past meeting? Web conferencing makes it much easier to record and archive trainings and webinar events.
  8. Help your business grow: You probably won’t be a small business forever. Scalable, flexible web conferencing plans better prepare your business for expansion, as well as the future of work where digital workspaces and remote work are the majority. Choose what you need now for small meetings, and be able to upgrade plans for your bigger meetings in the future.

Find a professional, reliable, all-in-one small business conferencing solution that fulfills all your needs, fits your budget, is easy-to-use and gets you better results now at PGi, the world’s largest dedicated provider of collaboration software and services for business of all sizes.

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