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5 Ways Mobile Meeting Apps Keep Workers Productive on the Road

When workers on the road can’t collaborate on routine tasks during billable work hours, you’re losing time and money. Instead of letting collaboration and teamwork fall by the wayside until workers arrive to their next desktop destination, give your road warriors tools for better mobile collaboration.

Stop rescheduling meetings due to business travel. Here are five ways to keep productivity up on the road by downloading an easy-to-use, professional mobile meeting app:

  1. Get road warriors into every meeting. Some online meeting software makes it difficult enough to join a meeting on a desktop that’s it’s too much of a hassle to even try doing it on a mobile device. Toggling between tabs to find meeting information and navigating online meeting rooms on smaller screens could mean your mobile workers don’t show up at all for meetings. Instead, a mobile meeting app simplifies the process with notifications, one-click access and user-friendly interfaces so workers on the road have no excuse not to join.
  2. Don’t lose rich interactions when workers are on the go. With a mobile meeting app, workers don’t have to join meetings via audio only because even video is on the go. Rich video and web conferencing features enable a visual experience from anywhere and ensure the quality of your communication doesn’t suffer.
  3. Stop limiting mobile collaboration to passive participation. Mobile workers no longer have to be passive participants on mobile meetings. Even on an app, hosting capabilities are available from any device so you don’t have to wait on them to get back on their desktop to present ideas and updates. Simply pass presentation control to any participant, on any device.
  4. Avoid dropped calls and awkward pauses. In case your mobile workers’ lose signal power or have a dying phone battery, a mobile meeting app helps them seamlessly switch devices during a meeting without losing momentum.
  5. Quit losing meeting time to find information. Instead of stalling collaboration to shuffle through documents for data and resources, just upload files to online meeting rooms. It’s all accessible through a mobile meeting app.

If you’re looking for a mobile meeting solution for a consistent experience on any device, see why so many workers on the road use iMeet® apps today. Find all of your contacts in one place, easily sign into online meetings, present, pass control and experience the same rich meeting features iMeet for desktop provides right from your mobile device.

Download the iMeet mobile meeting app today on the App Store or on Google Play.

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