Why You Should Record All of Your Webinars

A webinar is a major production that requires strategic thought and planning, so there’s no doubt you want to make sure as many people as possible will see it. That’s why recording your webinar is one of the most important elements of successful webinar marketing.

Your webinar recording can serve up some serious value to your marketing and sales departments, as well as registrants. Check out the main benefits of recording your webinar and how it can serve as a resource for your company and prospects:

Missing Out: Webinars serve as a major source of informative, engaging content for your registrants. After all, they are there to learn something valuable, but what happens if the webinar is scheduled during a time that a portion of registrants can’t make it?

Whether it’s due to different time zones or scheduling conflicts, sometimes your registrants will sign up knowing they cannot make the webinar, but they will expect you to send out a recording of the webinar after the event is over. Make sure you meet that expectation by recording the webinar and sending it out in a follow up email.

Reuse and Repurpose: The best way to improve your ROI and extend the value of your webinar is to reuse and repurpose the webinar recording.

Like we mentioned before, a webinar is a big production. From finding panelists and hosts to the logistics of conducting a live event, webinars can take up a lot of your team’s time and budget.

By reusing webinar recording, you can extend its value as a marketing and sales resource for your company.  Repurpose your webinar recording to engage a larger untapped audience with:

  • Follow up discussions on social media
  • A blog post recapping the event with key takeaways
  • Content for your next newsletter
  • Guest blog posts from your speakers
  • A Slide Share with key takeaways
  • Create a webinar archive on your homepage

Your sales teams can also benefit from reusing the webinar recording. They’ll be able to use similar tactics above to target a specific audiences in order to obtain the ultimate webinar ROI—a closed deal.

Webinars continue to be a robust content delivery system for both customers and employees. Whether your goal is to present a new product, educate industry peers or train employees, recording your webinar will make sure no one misses your important message.

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