How Advocate Consulting Stays on Top with Top-Notch, All-in-One Virtual Collaboration Technology

Submitted by: Andrea Duke

Advocate Consulting, an IT consulting and managed services firm, has transformed the way companies use communications and technology to accelerate business for over 12 years. Today, the firm continues to drive innovation, cutting edge strategy and unmatched execution for its clients.

With employees and customers located all over the world, the firm struggled to consistently drive innovation and productivity. Without a reliable web conferencing solution or the means to continuously travel to long-distance meetings, collaboration began to suffer. Faced with this challenge, Advocate Consulting reached out to the meeting experts, PGi, to help them effectively connect with internal and external constituents.

Currently, the firm uses iMeet® and GlobalMeet® to meet with clients and virtual teams face-to-face. These PGi products have helped Advocate Consulting overcome its communication challenges and realize five advantages:

  •  A partnership based on trust
  •  All-in-one virtual collaboration technology
  •  Superior user experience
  •  Lower costs
  •  More meaningful conversations

To learn how PGi tools helped Advocate Consulting reach dramatic gains for both itself and its clients, download this free case study.

“PGi not only offered quick deployment and seamless implementation. It also provided personalized training and ongoing end user support. Both PC and Mac users enjoy the same high quality user experience because neither iMeet nor GlobalMeet require software downloads.”

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