How a Startup Agency Used Video Conferencing Technology to Brand Themselves

Submitted by: Andrea Duke

Jay Eagleson founded Eighty6, a digital marketing agency, to help smaller companies build their brands. In order to compete in the marketing industry, Jay quickly realized his agency must first make a great impression with its own brand before earning the trust of others. Since Eighty6 was a startup with limited resources, it needed a state-of-the-art video conferencing technology to attract potential clients around the country and keep them engaged, all without leaving New Jersey.

As a result, Jay partnered with PGi and used iMeet®, an online meeting tool, as one of the building blocks of the Eighty6 brand. After selecting a group of talented individuals who were located across New Jersey, he hosted late night virtual meetings until he felt confident in quitting his day job. After Jay found his team, it was time to start seeking clients. Instead of spending time and money traveling to meet with prospects, the team used video conferencing technology so they could build stronger relationships with customers across the country while sitting in their office. Eighty6 used iMeet to conduct virtual introductions, host presentations and share positive body language.

PGi’s video conferencing software allowed the marketing agency keep travel costs down, meetings on-target and participants focused.

To learn more about how iMeet helped Eighty6 grow from a small side project to a full-time company, download this free case study.