SAP Success Story: Using Virtual Meetings to Connect Global Workers Simply and Securely

Submitted by: PGi Blogger

SAP is a global company, serving over 12 million users each day, with services provided by 2,400 certified partners in 120 countries. Like most global companies, SAP needed to connect its 60,000 global workers simply and securely in the new online conferencing world.

Volker Rieger, SAP’s Global Director, IT Infrastructure, identified the main goal of their communications overhaul as creating one collaborative platform for the company’s entire workforce. Rieger wanted this project to be managed from the outside rather than by internal IT staff; this is where PGi’s team of expert conferencing consultants came on board.

“Security is a key factor in this online conferencing world. In a regular meeting, you know who’s in the room. In a virtual meeting, you have to make it very transparent for the user to understand who’s in the room and make sure information’s not disclosed.”

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