Future of Work Tech Checklist: Are You Ready for the Cloud, Social and Mobile?

Submitted by: Andrea Duke

Technology. Social media. Blogs. Mobility. Globalization. Social good.

The future of work is fast approaching. Is your company ready? Today’s workforce — from small businesses to global corporations — operates without walls, oceans or continents. With innovative technology, social media and worker mobility, companies must prepare now for the future of work right around the corner. This checklist helps your company take your strategy at face value — what’s working? What’s not? Where are you succeeding? Where are you behind?


  • Are your internal applications virtualized?
  • Do your workers have access to the corporate cloud?
  • Do you have multi-layer security authentication for everyone — in or out of the office?
  • Do you have data centers located in multiple countries in multiple weather regions?
  • Are loads balanced in the cloud, across multiple data centers?
  • Do you have flexible technology options for workers? Brands? Form factors?
  • Do you have a strong technology policy for your workers and contractors?
  • Can your workers host and attend virtual meetings from anywhere
  • On-premise or cloud-sourced?
  • Do you have a video strategy? Face-to-face meetings? Internal and/or external comms?
  • On-premise or cloud-sourced?


  • Do you have teleworkers? Flexible workers?
  • Do you have a work-from-anywhere, telework or flexible worker policy?
  • Can workers access your network anywhere, anytime, on any device?
  • Can your workers access necessary business applications anywhere in the world?
  • Do you have security policies?
  • Are you flexible on the types of devices workers use? Can your IT department quickly support those devices —onsite and remotely?
  • Are you internal software apps mobile?
  • Do you have an approved list of external apps for employee devices?
  • Do have a security policy? Mobile policy?


  • Does your company have corporate blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Google+ presence?
  • Do you have a social media strategy? 1 year? 3 year? 5 year?
  • Do you have a social media policy for employees?
  • Who manages your social media properties? Marketing? Communications? Outsourced?
  • Why are you using social media? Marketing? Customer service?
  • Do you have a search engine optimization strategy?
  • Are your posts, tweets and updates search engine optimized?
  • Do you have a community site for customers and prospects?
  • Are your posts focused on your products/initiatives only or are you involved in conversations with clients, thought leaders and industry experts?
  • What did the checklist show? Are you ready for the future of work? Have questions? Need answers?

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