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GlobalMeet Audio for Skype for Business

FAQ: Skype for Business Audio Integration with GlobalMeet

Delivering enterprise-class audio for meetings anywhere around the world is one of our many goals at PGi. GlobalMeet® Audio helps ensure that every meeting has the best audio quality possible. That’s why PGi offers an audio integration solution to work with various unified communications solutions like Microsoft® Skype for Business®.  To learn more about GlobalMeet …

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iMeet VRC by PGi

What is a Video Room Connector (VRC)?

Companies can often invest a lot of money in video room systems. And while these room-based systems are powerful, they often require IT involvement and restrict the ability to connect users who aren’t psychically in the room when video conferencing. Because of this, these costly investments can be grossly underutilized. But there is a solution …

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What Is Skype for Business?

Skype for Business is a unified business communications solution that merges Skype’s familiar interface with Lync’s enterprise capabilities. The software delivers an expanded feature set and the enterprise-grade security that Lync users have come to expect. Built right into Microsoft Office®, features including instant messaging, video and audio calling, file transfer and more are easy …

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What Is VoIP Call?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows you to make calls directly through your Internet connection for fast, mobile and affordable web and audio conferencing. Traditionally, when you make calls by dialing on a telephone or cell phone, you connect via PSTN (public switched telephone network). Alternatively, VoIP converts your voice information …

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What is Unified Communications and Collaboration?

Unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) is a combination of enterprise communication tools assembled into a single interface and integrated into a single management system. UC&C helps enterprises to overcome the inefficiencies and challenges that were previously siloed and fragmented—focusing on making your company more connected, efficient and productive. A set of UC&C products includes a …

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video managed services

What Are Video Managed Services?

Are you aware you can completely outsource your video conferencing management? Video managed services provide your company with a team of video experts that handle your entire video conferencing environment. The success of video events hinges on the execution of each part of the complex video conferencing process. Leveraging video managed services, you better ensure …

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agenday salesforce API

What are APIs? (Application programming interface)

If you regularly use web or mobile apps, you may have encountered the acronym “API.” So what exactly is an API? API stands for “application programming interface,” and is a set of tools and protocols for building software applications. While some companies restrict their APIs to a limited set of developers in order to protect …

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video conferencing

What Is Video Conferencing?

To meet and collaborate across a distance right from a desktop, many businesses turn to video conferencing technology. Transferring audiovisual data through your computer’s microphone, webcam, speakers and monitor, it replicates the face-to-face meeting experience. Essentially, it’s just like calling a friend on the phone, except with video conferencing you can see them, not just …

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What is a Smart Calendar App?

In order to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce, mobile applications designed to empower productivity are among the most popular on any mobile app store. In recent years, smart calendar apps such as PGi’s  Agenday® have become a popular way to help more intelligently juggle busy schedules, bridging personal and professional gaps by combining …

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What is BYOD? (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD is an acronym that stands for “Bring Your Own Device,” and represents an increasingly popular policy of allowing workers to bring their own technology and mobile devices into the workplace and use them to access company information. As devices like smartphones and tablets have become more prevalent and consumers have become more tech savvy, …

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What is SaaS? (Software as a Service)

SaaS (pronounced “sass”) stands for Software as a Service. SaaS is an increasingly popular licensing and delivery model for business and consumer applications. Sometimes called “on-demand software,” the basic idea behind SaaS applications is that instead of installing or hosting software locally, vendors host and maintain the servers running the application which is then accessed …

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What is the Difference Between Video and Web Conferencing?

There are a lot of confusing, potentially redundant-sounding terms commonly used in the conferencing and collaboration space. For example, both web conferencing and video conferencing seem similar if not synonymous at first glance: both involve real-time communication between two or more parties from laptops, desktops or mobile devices. While there are still important distinctions between …

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What is Telecommuting?

Telecommuting is a work option where knowledge workers perform their job outside of a traditional office space. It’s also known as telework, remote work, mobile work and work from home, but telecommuting isn’t limited to working at home. Telecommuters also work while traveling, at coffee shops, rental office spaces and other company-approved places of their …

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What Is Web Conferencing?

Web conferencing is a real-time, multipoint, online communications solution that supports simultaneous interaction between dispersed users. As the name implies, it is a web-based tool that incorporates voice audio (supported by a telephone bridge or voice over Internet Protocol), web cam video (from virtually any device) and text-based chat communications. While web conferencing shares many …

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