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Everything’s better when it’s free, which is why we’ve gathered our complete inventory of free collaboration eBooks for you! Here are some resources that you’ll need for a brighter future in business collaboration — how-to guides, industry data, noteworthy trends, strategies and more!

Choosing Dedicated Tool for Virtual Events

Time to Get Real: Choosing a Dedicated Tool for Your Online Events

For many organizations, large-scale in person events are becoming a thing of the past. The ability to communicate virtually for corporate town halls, shareholder meetings, …

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Digital Communications: Early Adopter Study

PGi’s Early Adopter Study was fielded before the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 significantly disrupted the marketplace and altered the current work experience, perhaps permanently. While …

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2019 Future of Business Communication: Communication Elevated

Digital transformation is impacting every aspect of the business, but perhaps none so more than communication. By breaking down silos and increasing collaboration, communication is …

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eBook: How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Web Event

Web events are an excellent communications technology for businesses that want to cost effectively get their message out to a large, often global audience. Sometimes, …

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Future of Business Collaboration

Digital transformation is inevitable and the use of digital tools have become a staple in how we conduct our daily, hyper-connected lives – especially in …

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5 Signs You’re Ready for the Cloud

Cloud technologies have changed the way businesses connect and communicate today. Companies of all sizes are transitioning from traditional, on premise phone systems to cloud-based PBX …

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Unified Communications 101 eBook

From small businesses to multi-national enterprises, having a Unified Communications (UC) plan is becoming the go-to strategy for many companies looking to improve collaboration in …

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IT superheroes

IT Superheroes eBook

Like the hallowed superheroes of your childhood, every IT team is equipped with a number of different heroes who you can depend on to save …

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Facing the Maze

UC&C for Telco Carriers: A Clear Vision for a Complex Playing Field

As technology continues its rapid evolution, few industries are insulated from disruption. Old-fashioned notions of “business as usual” are being bulldozed, pushed aside for a …

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IT Insight Series: When IT is Agile

In this edition of our IT Insight Series, we’ll dig into the critical challenges and the substantial opportunities that IT are facing as their organizations …

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5 Worst Webinar Mistakes eBook

Nothing is worse than a webinar with crickets, glitches and awkward moments. Get your free eBook, “The 5 Worst Webinar Mistakes You’re Making (And How …

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work eBook

The key to business success into today’s collaborative culture is, without a doubt, harnessing teamwork. However, teams face growing challenges to cohesion as work styles …

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Presentation Playbook: The Xs & Os of Winning Presentations

Create a winning presentation with exciting new advice, tips and techniques to help your big idea score big in the boardroom. Sneak Peek from …

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The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas

Go from dull to daring with this step-by-step guide for creating dynamic, engaging presentations using the newest technology and mind-blowing techniques. Download The Little Black …

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