Free eBook: Are You Afraid of the Cloud? 5 Cloud Tech Myths Busted!

Submitted by: Andrea Duke

Free eBook? Yes, please! PGi and AppDirect, a leading cloud service marketplace provider, shed light on the darkness that is cloud tech for small businesses and midsize companies. Have you ever worried about cloud security? Cloud costs? Cloud management? If you have, download the free eBook today!

Highlights from this free eBook:

Myth #1: “The Cloud is a Huge Security Threat for My Business” With the major government compliances and regulations, this eBook helps you learn the in’s and out’s of data security, legal compliance and privacy when it comes to taking your business to the cloud.

Myth #2: “It’s Too Hard to Manage the Cloud” Not enough hours in the day? You’re not alone. Learn how new management tools help you unlock the power of 1 in your business. 1 cloud vendor. 1 portal. 1 user name. 1 password. 1 payment.

Myth #3: “The Cloud is Too Expensive” Whether you’re a Mom & Pop shop or a multinational enterprise, cost is always a big concern. And without the cloud, you might just being paying more than you have to.

Myth #4: “The Cloud Means I’m Losing Control” Worried about outsourcing your IT and losing control over your own systems? With over 87% of SMBs having inadequate or outdated disaster recovery plans, we help you find the cloud resources that give you a safety net and the control you need.

Myth #5: “I Don’t Need Cloud Apps” Think you’re just fine without the cloud? Well, whether you realize it or not, you and your employees are already using the cloud in the form of cloud apps, email, note taking, social media and more. Learn how a true cloud tech plan helps 81% of users perform better than in-house cloud tech.


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