Komatsu Mining Corp. Connects Team Members & Tackles Projects with iMeet Central – Case Study

Komatsu Mining Corp., formerly known as Joy Global, is a provider of advanced equipment systems and direct services to the global mining industry. Komatsu Mining Corp. partners directly with customers to help them achieve a zero-harm approach to their mining operations with the highest production and lowest life-cycle costs possible.

The integrated technology, solutions and services provided by Komatsu Mining Corp. are a critical component of operations for mining operators in a number of commodity markets, including hard rock and industrial minerals.

Komatsu Mining Corp was in search of a collaboration solution that would drive collaboration and boost productivity for their marketing communications team.

In 2015, Komatsu Mining Corp. (KMC) found their answer in PGi’s online collaboration workspace, iMeet® Central.

With the help of iMeet Central’s dedicated implementation team, KMC was able to streamline communications within their marketing team, enabling better reporting and project management across the board.

PGi’s award-winning implementation and customer support were a deciding factor for KMC:

“After speaking with the PGi team, selecting iMeet Central was a no-brainer for us… The go out of their way to do everything for us. It feels like a great partnership where they are genuinely invested in our success.” Jason Hagg, Creative Manager, Komatsu Mining Corp

To learn more about how Komatsu Mining Corp. facilitated smarter communication and project management with iMeet Central, read the full case study today.

GlobalMeet Case Study: Global Financial Services Firm

A current PGi customer, with over 9,000 employees in 24 different countries, uses GlobalMeet to enhance their global communications, project management and IT strategy. This company has been a powerhouse player over the past 10 years in financial services industry. Due to their rapid growth, and with over $2 billion in revenue, this organization needed to implement a collaboration solution that: enhanced audio efficacy, allowed easy access for internal/external conversations and strengthened project management.

GlobalMeet has been utilized for more than four years across their global regions to help solve their needs and drive effective communication and team collaboration. PGi is viewed as a trusted advisor to this enterprise and our GlobalMeet audio and web conferencing product continues to deliver on their end-users’ needs every time, everywhere.

“Constant communication is critical and GlobalMeet is my way to get everyone together to move projects forward.” IT Systems Manager

To learn more about how GlobalMeet has enhanced this company’s meeting capability and fueled better communication with its easy setup and global coverage, download the full case study.

GlobalMeet Audio Case Study: Hunter PR

Founded in 1989, Hunter Public Relations is an award-winning consumer products public relations firm with offices in New York and London. Hunter PR has made a name for itself as one of the most respected mid-size marketing communications firms in the country. Hunter PR executes strategic public relations programs that build equity, increase engagement and drive measurable business results for branded consumer products and services.

Communication is a key facet of Hunter’s business, and they have found success with PGi’s GlobalMeet® Audio conferencing. With GlobalMeet Audio, Hunter is better able to maintain hourly communications with staff, clients, vendors, media, influencers and partners on a global scale. In 2016 alone, Hunter PR made over 21,000 GlobalMeet Audio conference calls.

"Everything has to be easy and done quickly, and GlobalMeet Audio meets that requirements for us every time."Chad Pearson, Hunter PR Operations Manager

To learn more about how GlobalMeet Audio has enabled anytime, anywhere meeting capability and fueled better communication with its easy setup and global coverage, download the full Hunter PR case study.

iMeetLive Case Study: Shipman & Goodwin LLP

Shipman & Goodwin LLP is a full-service law firm that has been serving the needs of local, national and international clients in a variety of industries for nearly 100 years. With offices in Connecticut, New York and Washington, DC and an employee base of 175 attorneys and 175 support staff, Shipman & Goodman was looking for a webcasting platform to help their extensive staff engage current clients, educate prospective clients and meet their annual Certified Legal Education (CLE) requirement.

In 2016, Shipman & Goodwin found the perfect medium where their lawyers could interact with and discuss legal topics with audiences large and small. PGi’s robust webcasting platform, iMeetLive®, enabled Shipman & Goodwin to effortlessly stream live webinars and webcasts and keep their audience in the know.

“I still remember our very first event when our PGi account team and production manager went over the features and functionality of the platform. They walked me through the many bells and whistles and I quickly realized how intuitive the solution was.” Kathleen Glass, Shipman & Goodwin Business Development Manager

To learn more about Shipman & Goodwin benefitted from iMeetLive’s scalability, reporting, polling and more, download the full case study.

Case Study: E Ink Corporation

E Ink Corporation is the world’s leading developer and provider of electronic paper technology. Founded in 1997 as an offshoot of MIT’s research lab, E Ink’s landmark electronic paper technology is utilized by industry leaders like Amazon, who uses E Ink's electronic paper in their Kindle eReaders. E Ink was seeking a better way to connect their employees in the US and Asia with a conferencing solution that was both highly secure and able to handle added volume as the company continues to grow. Upon implementing GlobalMeet® Audio, E Ink improved employee communication and collaboration across time zones while maintaining a highly-secure conferencing environment.

To learn more about how E Ink benefitted from the scope, scalability and security of GlobalMeet Audio, read the full E Ink case study.

iMeetLive Streamlines Internal Communications for Hawaiian Airlines

With over 5,700 employees dispersed across the Hawaiian Islands, the U.S. Mainland, and a myriad of international cities, Hawaiian Airlines was struggling to effectively communicate with their geographically-disparate network of employees.

Hawaiian Airlines turned to PGi for a webcasting solution that would help the airline create a transparent line of strategic communication between company leadership and its employees. Hawaiian Airlines quickly added PGi’s iMeetLive® to its repertoire of internal communication tools, allowing the airline to produce live-streaming town halls to reach its local, national and international employees.

With iMeetLive, Hawaiian Airlines has taken their internal communications to the next level, facilitating employee engagement with its frontline employees via interactive and engaging town hall meetings and Q&A chat sessions which ensure that employees feel heard and understood.

The engagement features that iMeetLive offer are very complementary to our strategic communications goals. Creating an open line of communication between our president and our employees and showing them how their work contributes to our overall success is really a key part of engaging our workforce.Kevin Imanaka, Director of Internal and Corporate Communications

Web Conferencing Solution Enhances End User Satisfaction for intoCareers

intoCareers has proudly provided their users with first-class career development training for more than 40 years. intoCareers’ career information system (CIS) is utilized in over 35 percent of the nation’s state-sponsored schools to provide high-quality career information to teachers and counselor nationwide.

A sudden price increase in their web conferencing software led intoCareers in search of a more reliable and cost-effective web conferencing solution. intoCareers turned to PGi and, after a free trial of GlobalMeet®, the company was sold.

intoCareers relies heavily on virtual training sessions to educate new CIS operators and update current employees of revisions in curriculum. With the help of GlobalMeet, intoCareers was quickly able to streamline their virtual meetings and enhance the efficacy of their virtual training, ultimately increasing end user satisfaction.

“With GlobalMeet, our users just expect seamless training sessions, and that’s what they get!”Susan Roudebush, Consultant and Master Trainer

Ready to see how GlobalMeet can take your company’s meetings to the next level? Try it for free today.

Webcasting Solution Improves Global Employee Engagement for Belden Inc.

With 9,000 employees all over the world, Belden’s ability to connect and engage with all of their teams has been challenging. To help meet its goal of being a world-class company in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and shareholder value, Belden knew it needed a solution.

Belden turned to PGi to provide an intuitive, flawless webcasting platform to power their quarterly CEO town hall meetings. Belden utilizes iMeetLive to produce live streaming town halls to keep its associates in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia engaged with the company’s executives.

Using iMeetLive, Belden has been able to reach its global network of employees through HD video and audio. The reliable, consistent experience during each town hall has not only impressed their CEO, but their employees as well.

Not only is it easy for me to set up these web events, but thanks to the great user experience, employees from all over the globe are asking how they can use iMeetLive in their offices.Michelle Foster, Corporate Communications Manager

Audio Conferencing Integration Case Study: Northwestern University

To facilitate their rapidly evolving online learning programs, Northwestern University uses a combination of independent learning and interactive audio and web conferencing sessions, which help them reach more potential students, increase engagement, improve student experiences and maintain high retention and graduation rates.

However, students and faculty commonly experienced dropped connections on the VoIP-only web conferencing solution. Losing class time, momentum and opportunities to connect, NU needed an integrated audio solution to support synchronous online learning, better manage disruptions and guarantee seamless sessions.

Using PGi hybrid audio conferencing integration, NU enriched online student experiences, realized more value from their existing investments, increased the versatility of their technology for wider use cases and accelerated pilot online learning programs with better adoption, according to Instructional Technologist Alyssa Dyar.

“The PGi integrated audio solution is pretty flawless. Students just type in their phone number, it pops up and there’s not a lot for them to do. If someone can’t get the code right, dialing out is really quick.”

Virtual Meeting Case Study: Vantedge Group

Full-service insights, analytics and optimization strategies firm Vantedge Group leverages video conferencing software to conduct primary research focus groups that deliver more robust insights, in less time and for less money. However, the firm needed a superior virtual meeting solution to make virtual focus groups seamless and, in turn, more productive.

After considering several competitors for their conferencing needs, Vantedge chose iMeet® by PGi, all-in-one audio, video and web conferencing. As a result of iMeet's simplicity and convenience, Vantedge Group experienced lowered meeting costs, increased productivity and decreased travel time and expenses after conducting just three virtual focus groups with the solution.

“We know we’re getting a high ROI. Conservatively, executing an event through iMeet easily saves us one-third to one-half the costs of a traditional focus group.”

Operator Assisted Conference Calls Case Study: Beck Ag

Beck Ag specializes in facilitating audio conferencing conversations with agriculture professionals to accelerate the word-of-mouth marketing process for agriculture industry leaders. In order to accomplish this, their events with clients' customers must  be so accessible, authentic, consistent and flawless that participants feel they're joining conversations, not conference calls.

For 15 of their 18 years in business, Beck Ag has partnered with PGi to simplify these complex events using operator assisted conference calls. PGi's dedicated call team and high-touch services helped Beck Ag maximize attendance, minimize errors, naturally integrate interactive polls and save time on prepping for calls.

As a result, PGi's easy-to-join, seamless call format is one of four reasons the majority of participants reported a favorable experience in studies, as well as a contributing factor to why an average 85-100 percent of participants polled after each call found the event valuable and worth attending. These positive experiences contribute to higher engagement, which impact word-of-mouth sharing and result in repeat and new business for Beck Ag.

“We’ve seen repeat client business — that’s significant. We know that if our client didn’t have a good experience with PGi, we would reconsider our services. We’ve grown, and part of that has a lot to do with PGi’s continued delivery of excellence.”

Operator Assisted Conference Calls Case Study: CAIA

The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA) is known as a world leader in alternative investment (AI) education, growing to 18 global chapters in 2014 and spreading awareness of their high standards of achievement for AI professionals.

However, global growth poses a challenge to the organization's mission for transparency, information sharing, engagement and communication. To connect global members, Chapter Relations Manager Heather Morales uses operator assisted conference calls for professional, quarterly calls with chapter members.

Conference calls provide a compelling medium for members to join the conversation, and PGi's seamless experience keeps the focus on the dialogue, not the technology, increasing attention and interaction.

To callers, the experience is simple, but PGi's hybrid audio conferencing experience is highly sophisticated. Total event management lets CAIA carefully prepare for these events and customize them for their needs.

PGi's operator assisted conference calls help CAIA support new growth and improve their existing membership service. With the aid of an operator, the Q&A is easy and organized, and post-event reporting and recordings help CAIA continue engagement.

“We’ve taken the calls to the next level. There’s that personal touch; it’s not just automated. Callers actually get to talk to somebody, and the operator checks back in with them. It helps a lot because they feel like they’re not forgotten on the line,”Heather Morales, Chapter Relations Manager

Audio Conferencing Integration Case Study: Mercedes-Benz USA

Not many industries are completely untouched by digital transformation, including your local car dealership. For Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), faster information sharing matters more than ever to balance consistent, global branding with increased customer touchpoints and evolving marketing and sales strategies.

To bridge the internal information gap across the US, the company uses web events for virtual training. But how do you ensure those huge, ongoing events always run smoothly?

MBUSA uses audio conferencing integration to conduct more user-friendly, professional conferencing with enterprise security, mobility and enhanced control. Cost-savings aside, audio-integrated webinars add value with the benefits of advanced telephony for web events, including increased productivity, better attendance, enhanced engagement and more reliability.

Learning Architect Surya Boonphadung uses seamless GlobalMeet® Audio integration for all internal training purposes. The whole process is smooth, and it’s a seamless experience for the user. We know what we’re using, but for the attendees, it’s just another live conference they are dialed into, and it works flawlessly. It’s pretty intuitive,” Boonphadung said.

PGi's suite of collaboration services (like operator assisted conference calls) accommodate MBUSA's larger events, as well, lending flexibility and scalability as this leading, luxury automotive brand transforms the car buying experience.

How a Startup Agency Used Video Conferencing Technology to Brand Themselves

Jay Eagleson founded Eighty6, a digital marketing agency, to help smaller companies build their brands. In order to compete in the marketing industry, Jay quickly realized his agency must first make a great impression with its own brand before earning the trust of others. Since Eighty6 was a startup with limited resources, it needed a state-of-the-art video conferencing technology to attract potential clients around the country and keep them engaged, all without leaving New Jersey.

As a result, Jay partnered with PGi and used iMeet®, an online meeting tool, as one of the building blocks of the Eighty6 brand. After selecting a group of talented individuals who were located across New Jersey, he hosted late night virtual meetings until he felt confident in quitting his day job. After Jay found his team, it was time to start seeking clients. Instead of spending time and money traveling to meet with prospects, the team used video conferencing technology so they could build stronger relationships with customers across the country while sitting in their office. Eighty6 used iMeet to conduct virtual introductions, host presentations and share positive body language.

PGi’s video conferencing software allowed the marketing agency keep travel costs down, meetings on-target and participants focused.

To learn more about how iMeet helped Eighty6 grow from a small side project to a full-time company, download this free case study.

How Advocate Consulting Stays on Top with Top-Notch, All-in-One Virtual Collaboration Technology

Advocate Consulting, an IT consulting and managed services firm, has transformed the way companies use communications and technology to accelerate business for over 12 years. Today, the firm continues to drive innovation, cutting edge strategy and unmatched execution for its clients.

With employees and customers located all over the world, the firm struggled to consistently drive innovation and productivity. Without a reliable web conferencing solution or the means to continuously travel to long-distance meetings, collaboration began to suffer. Faced with this challenge, Advocate Consulting reached out to the meeting experts, PGi, to help them effectively connect with internal and external constituents.

Currently, the firm uses iMeet® and GlobalMeet® to meet with clients and virtual teams face-to-face. These PGi products have helped Advocate Consulting overcome its communication challenges and realize five advantages:

  •  A partnership based on trust
  •  All-in-one virtual collaboration technology
  •  Superior user experience
  •  Lower costs
  •  More meaningful conversations

To learn how PGi tools helped Advocate Consulting reach dramatic gains for both itself and its clients, download this free case study.

“PGi not only offered quick deployment and seamless implementation. It also provided personalized training and ongoing end user support. Both PC and Mac users enjoy the same high quality user experience because neither iMeet nor GlobalMeet require software downloads.”

Vaco Takes ‘Free Yourself’ to the Next Level with Video Interviews

Download the free Vaco case study to learn how this recruiting firm utilized video interviews technology, iMeet® video conferencing, to realize a five-time increase in recruiter productivity.

  • Reduce lost time from back-and-forth email communications
  • Screen more candidates with shorter, more effective online video interviews
  • Improve time-to-fill by enabling shorter interview-to-hire timeline
  • Enable on-the-fly, ad hoc virtual team meetings
  • Lower costs associated with business travel for both candidates and recruiters

Vaco—a top 5000 fastest growing company as ranked by Inc. magazine—matches the strongest accounting, financial, IT and administrative professionals with the unique project and permanent needs of its clients— simple in theory, difficult in execution. When deadlines loom large, there are no more weekends to give and the infrastructure must evolve in order to compete and meet the demands of clients who need quality candidates at the speed of now.

In short, Vaco needed to implement today’s newest technology breakthroughs to stay ahead of a highly competitive market, satisfy client demands and attract the best talent in the U.S.

“Most of the companies that reach out to Vaco to assist with recruiting have exhausted all of their internal resources. Speed is extremely important in these circumstances, and that’s where iMeet comes in.”Jim Jhanda, Vaco Managing Partner

How Plantronics and PGi Share a Culture of Innovation

After 51 years of innovation — including pioneering such breakthroughs as lightweight and mobile headsets, noise-cancelling products and the personal speakerphone — audio technology giant Plantronics set a new vision for itself.

Its main goal, spearheaded by VP of Strategy & New Business Development Jeffrey Seigel, was to create immersive virtual experiences where people feel they are in the same room and can collaborate freely and easily. Accordingly, Jeffrey approached PGi to explore synergies—including how Plantronics’ contextually intelligent headphones might enhance the PGi user experience.

In the past, Jeffrey had been disappointed by other video technology and web conferencing options (clumsy audio software that incorporated video as an afterthought or high quality video conferencing that lacked screen sharing capabilities). But he quickly felt that PGi’s culture of innovation dovetailed with Plantronics’ goals for success. iMeet® has helped Jeffrey carry out a bold new vision for Plantronics.

“When I’m first collaborating with someone, I’m trying to convey a bold new idea — something that they haven’t conceived of — and get across the implications for their business. My ideas need to really come forth in a way that is fully understood, where I can see how people are responding.”

SAP Success Story: Using Virtual Meetings to Connect Global Workers Simply and Securely

SAP is a global company, serving over 12 million users each day, with services provided by 2,400 certified partners in 120 countries. Like most global companies, SAP needed to connect its 60,000 global workers simply and securely in the new online conferencing world.

Volker Rieger, SAP’s Global Director, IT Infrastructure, identified the main goal of their communications overhaul as creating one collaborative platform for the company’s entire workforce. Rieger wanted this project to be managed from the outside rather than by internal IT staff; this is where PGi’s team of expert conferencing consultants came on board.

“Security is a key factor in this online conferencing world. In a regular meeting, you know who’s in the room. In a virtual meeting, you have to make it very transparent for the user to understand who’s in the room and make sure information’s not disclosed.”

Case Study: PGi Global User Unites International Office with Web Conferencing

AirTight Networks, a global leader in wireless vulnerability management and security technology, was experiencing growing pains with international offices and customers. The California-based company looked to PGi to help them solve their global communication problem utilizing the newest web conference calling technology. Learn more about how they now have over 50% of their workforce meeting online in this case study.

Image courtesy of SV Project Management.