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Unified Communications 101 eBook

From small businesses to multi-national enterprises, having a Unified Communications (UC) plan is becoming the go-to strategy for many companies looking to improve collaboration in today’s world. Enterprise leaders are ending their multi-vendor, multi-contract communications setup and instead seeking a single, highly secure and globally scalable solution. This shift to streamline collaboration providers allows them …

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Facing the Maze

UC&C for Telco Carriers: A Clear Vision for a Complex Playing Field

As technology continues its rapid evolution, few industries are insulated from disruption. Old-fashioned notions of “business as usual” are being bulldozed, pushed aside for a new era of increased agility, transparency and interconnectivity. Telco Carriers and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are no exception; if anything, it’s a category with compelling innovation and fierce, fast-moving competition. …

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IT Insight Series: When IT is Agile

In this edition of our IT Insight Series, we’ll dig into the critical challenges and the substantial opportunities that IT are facing as their organizations re-think the way they work together. From understanding the challenge of organizations’ frenzied pursuit of innovation and the challenges of keeping far-flung team members firmly entrenched in your inner circle …

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5 Worst Webinar Mistakes eBook

Nothing is worse than a webinar with crickets, glitches and awkward moments. Get your free eBook, “The 5 Worst Webinar Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Avoid Them” today from PGi to better navigate the webinar minefield. Multitasking, short on attention and quick to leave you high and dry, webinar audiences can be a tough …

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work eBook

The key to business success into today’s collaborative culture is, without a doubt, harnessing teamwork. However, teams face growing challenges to cohesion as work styles and technologies change the way we work. Learn how to build, nurture and lead your dream team to success with PGi’s three-step process for effective teamwork.

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