Unified Communications 101 eBook

From small businesses to multi-national enterprises, having a Unified Communications (UC) plan is becoming the go-to strategy for many companies looking to improve collaboration in today’s world. Enterprise leaders are ending their multi-vendor, multi-contract communications setup and instead seeking a single, highly secure and globally scalable solution. This shift to streamline collaboration providers allows them to save money and focus their resources centrally.

As UC is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, PGi’s Unified Communications 101 eBook will give readers a basic understanding of what UC is, what terminology to look out for, how to stay ahead of the game and what features to look for in a UC vendor.

2017 Future of Business Collaboration eBook

Over the last few years, the term “smart” has been used more and more frequently to describe the technology that has become integrated in our daily lives. Smart technology, like watches, phones and even cars, have become almost ubiquitous in our daily lives. The proliferation of  this "smart" tech is not only making our day-to-day personal lives easier, it's beginning to pave the way for more efficient and productive office lives as well.

Smart technology is making the transition from our personal lives to our workplace, and in doing so, this technology is reshaping the modern office. It is not only changing the way we meet, present and collaborate; it is changing the physical environment in which we work as well.

And because of this rapid infiltration of smart technology, it is important to stay up to date on this rapidly evolving technology. To help you better understand this tech trend and the implications it will have on your office, the 2017 edition of The Future of Business Collaboration will transport you into the not-so-distant corporate future. You'll examine emerging technology trends that promise to drastically change workplace practices for the better. Some of the trends in this year's edition of The Future of Business Collaboration include:

  • Smart Meetings
  • Smart Presentations
  • The Internet of Things
  • Ambient Intelligence Technology
  • Virtual Reality
  • Intelligent Workplace Design

Download the free eBook now to learn more about these smart tech trends and the impact they will have on your workplace.

IT Superheroes eBook

Like the hallowed superheroes of your childhood, every IT team is equipped with a number of different heroes who you can depend on to save the day when a tech disaster strikes. Though they might not be seen very often, the IT superheroes in your organization are crucial to the success of your business.

There are a number of different types of IT superheroes who roam the halls of your office, averting IT crises and rescuing your colleagues from total technological destruction. These IT heroes possess an array of different super powers that work in tandem as they come together to create an unstoppable IT team that will always be there in times of need. PGi's IT Superheroes eBook explores the various heroes that save the day, every day, in your IT department.

UC&C for Telco Carriers: A Clear Vision for a Complex Playing Field

As technology continues its rapid evolution, few industries are insulated from disruption. Old-fashioned notions of “business as usual” are being bulldozed, pushed aside for a new era of increased agility, transparency and interconnectivity.

Telco Carriers and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are no exception; if anything, it’s a category with compelling innovation and fierce, fast-moving competition. Carriers are challenged by declining unit revenues as well as growing threats from changing patterns and non-traditional competitors. The stakes couldn’t be higher; leading analyst firms have even warned that this new evolution represents a make-or-break moment for communication vendors.

Developing new strategies and acquiring new core competencies are essential to guard against losing customers. This isn’t reinvention for the sake of reinvention, but rather a natural extension and evolution of the services already being offered, strengthening a Carrier’s role as a cornerstone in the Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) practices of their customers.

To learn more about how important a solid UC&C strategy can be for Telco Carriers and CSPs can be, check out PGi’s newest free eBook, UC&C for Telco Carriers: A Clear Vision for a Complex Playing Field.

IT Insight Series: When IT is Agile

In this edition of our IT Insight Series, we’ll dig into the critical challenges and the substantial opportunities that IT are facing as their organizations re-think the way they work together. From understanding the challenge of organizations’ frenzied pursuit of innovation and the challenges of keeping far-flung team members firmly entrenched in your inner circle to how technology can change the face of meetings when team members are dispersed around the globe, we’ll help IT members tackle these challenges head-on. And as an added bonus, we’ve pulled back the curtain on how PGi’s own IT culture has shifted and evolved in a more agile team.

Read more about the challenges today’s IT teams face, and how they are turning those challenges into opportunities with our latest edition of the IT Insights Series, When IT is Agile.

2016 Future of Business Collaboration eBook

This year’s Future of Business Collaboration eBook focuses on the idea that technology is evolving to help create a more employee-focused workplace, and to help workers everywhere become more efficient and effective in communicating and collaborating.

Experts from Frost & Sullivan, x.ai, Interface, VMware AirWatch and DaVincian Healthcare bring you exciting new insights into this year’s business collaboration trends:

  • Security in the Age of BYOT
  • The Future Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Workspaces
  • Design of the Workplace
  • The Evolution of Telemedicine

Still Collaborating with Emails and Conference Calls?

Does this sound familiar? When it’s time for a meeting with remote marketing staff, cross-functional teams, vendors or partners, everyone piles into a meeting room and the leader dials into a conferencing number. After all the people at different locations get connected, there’s confusion about who’s speaking, difficulty hearing them or understanding what they’re saying, and there are delays while everyone finds the right documents and the most recent versions.

Is that any way to collaborate? Read the eBook “Still Collaborating with Email and Conference Calls? You’re Doing It All Wrong!” and you’ll learn how the right collaboration tools give you access to a wide range of features and capabilities that make it easier to manage and engage your team and produce better, more effective results.

A CMO’s Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing People

How do you trust, communicate, manage and collaborate with colleagues and partners you never see? For today’s workforce, that’s the new reality, and to stay effective, CMOs must figure out how to build better virtual relationships.

A whopping 84 percent of companies now employ remote workforces, and considering marketers are now regular cross-functional collaborators, learning how to build, strengthen and maintain relationships from afar is critical for CMOs.

Learn five steps you can take to strengthen your virtual teams and five tips to stay productive no matter where you are. Download the new, free eBook from PGi: “The CMO’s Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing People (Without Ever Meeting Face-to-Face).”

5 Worst Webinar Mistakes eBook

Nothing is worse than a webinar with crickets, glitches and awkward moments. Get your free eBook, “The 5 Worst Webinar Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Avoid Them” today from PGi to better navigate the webinar minefield.

Multitasking, short on attention and quick to leave you high and dry, webinar audiences can be a tough crowd. However, if you take the right steps, you can wow them and make the most of your big event.

This quick crash course on webinars will help you look like an experienced pro, even if it’s your very first event. Get five smart solutions to your five worst mistakes by downloading the eBook today!

C-Suite Collaboration: Earning and Keeping Marketing’s Seat at the Table

Not surprisingly, by 2017, CMOs will direct more corporate technology spending than CIOs. However, the leader most often left out of the C-suite is still the CMO, according to research in the newest eBook by PGi.

Marketing leaders, it’s time to make your mark and learn how to earn a bigger role in setting the corporate agenda. Get your copy of the “C-Suite Collaboration” eBook now for four easy ways you can earn the respect of C-level executives and help guide digital transformation.

Download this must-read, free eBook from PGi today: “C-Suite Collaboration: Earning and Keeping Marketing’s Seat at the Table.”

The Science of Killer Sales Presentations

How do you compel prospects to say "yes" every time? Download the newest, free eBook by PGi to learn the science of creating killer sales presentations, including three formulas:

  1. Elements of winning presentation design.
  2. Theory of sales relativity.
  3. Schrödinger's sales pitch.

Join the Social Sales Revolution

Social selling continues to be more than just a buzzword, and PGi's free eBook, Join the Social Sales Revolution, shows you just how to sell your way through the new sales landscape. Learn how to connect with the right prospects online, leverage CRM, become a thought leader, adopt a culture of teamwork and earn trust in the new world order: social selling.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work eBook

The key to business success into today's collaborative culture is, without a doubt, harnessing teamwork. However, teams face growing challenges to cohesion as work styles and technologies change the way we work. Learn how to build, nurture and lead your dream team to success with PGi's three-step process for effective teamwork.

The Future of Business Collaboration 2015 Edition

Collaboration is vital to success, but it's also constantly changing. Learn about trends, technology and innovations that will shape the future of business collaboration in PGi's free eBook featuring expertise from industry experts, including AirWatch® by VMware®; Frost & Sullivan; Central Desktop, a PGi Company; Edelman and PGi's CEO, Boland T. Jones.

Operation: Millennials, A Field Guide

Leading experts in HR, leadership and workplace education reveal how to lead this unique set of workers known as Millennials for the growth and advancement of your business.