Global Cultural Survey: Business Around the World — Infographic

Technology is at the forefront of the modern workplace; technological innovations have broadened our reach and made international business possible, if not downright easy. As geographical barriers crumble and global business booms, the scope of who we can work with widens. As a result, the cultural nuances and regional differences in business etiquette are more prevalent then ever. Here at PGi, we became interested in how global business and cultural office trends differ across the globe, so we conducted a global cultural survey to see how the office of today looks around the world. Our global cultural survey received 800+ responses that illuminated how we collaborate, communicate and interact with each other in a business setting.

Based on our findings, we believe that technology and collaboration tools can help break down cultural barriers and unify people across different regions and cultures. This is evidenced by the work habits and business etiquette that exist across the board and dictate how we do business, both with people of our own culture and from other cultures as well. On a social and cultural level, these results also indicate a more relaxed attitude in the workplace.

As dress codes ease up and surnames get dropped, we feel a bit more comfortable and can get our work done without being bogged down or constrained by old-fashioned customs and traditions. The workplace of today is increasingly a more open-minded place, accepting of cultural nuances and defined by an agreeableness that is evident in these survey results. To see how business norms vary across the globe, download the Global Cultural Survey: Business Around the World infographic today.