Meet the New GlobalMeet Democast

Allow us to reintroduce GlobalMeet®. We’ve upgraded it to use the latest technology and it has a fantastic new looking UI, if we do say so ourselves. This dramatically improves the user experience, allowing for quicker and more effective collaboration. So please join Adrian and Jason in this democast who will cover:

  • Reintroducing GlobalMeet, including our brand new UI, instant meeting access and seamless deployment
  • Our industry leading customer support
  • The new, superior user experience supported by the latest technology, with HD video and audio.
  • The future roadmap of GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet Case Study: Global Financial Services Firm

A current PGi customer, with over 9,000 employees in 24 different countries, uses GlobalMeet to enhance their global communications, project management and IT strategy. This company has been a powerhouse player over the past 10 years in financial services industry. Due to their rapid growth, and with over $2 billion in revenue, this organization needed to implement a collaboration solution that: enhanced audio efficacy, allowed easy access for internal/external conversations and strengthened project management.

GlobalMeet has been utilized for more than four years across their global regions to help solve their needs and drive effective communication and team collaboration. PGi is viewed as a trusted advisor to this enterprise and our GlobalMeet audio and web conferencing product continues to deliver on their end-users’ needs every time, everywhere.

“Constant communication is critical and GlobalMeet is my way to get everyone together to move projects forward.” IT Systems Manager

To learn more about how GlobalMeet has enhanced this company’s meeting capability and fueled better communication with its easy setup and global coverage, download the full case study.

GlobalMeet Conferencing Democast Part 2

GlobalMeet® enables global businesses to collaborate more efficiently and productively — anywhere, anytime and on any device. After our first webinar, please join Adrian and Jason who will walk through:

  • The dynamic meeting room experience
  • Full product functionality including our new UI and range of meeting apps
  • The benefits customers receive with our award winning platform

Do I Need a Skype for Business Audio Provider?

Audio is a crucial aspect of web conferencing; without great audio, you simply cannot have a great meeting. Here at PGi, we are dedicated to spreading the gift of crystal-clear audio far and wide, which is why we offer integration of our GlobalMeet® Audio into a number of unified communications solutions like Skype®  for Business. If you’re ready to take your Skype for Business meetings to the next level, read on to learn how choosing a Skype for Business audio provider can alleviate some of the challenges and pain points of your Skype for Business meetings.

Challenge #1: Poor Audio Quality in Meetings

If you’re experiencing less than perfect audio quality during your Skype for Business meeting, it might be time to upgrade to an audio conferencing provider like GlobalMeet Audio by PGi. With our audio integration, users get the highest quality audio for web conferencing and online meetings. 

Challenge #2: Trouble Connecting Outside Participants

GlobalMeet Audio allows you to connect participants that are outside of the organization’s firewall with your Skype for Business account. PGi’s dial-in and dial-out numbers connect PSTN callers from any location, including those outside of your company. With this feature, you can start using Skype for Business for internal and external communication.

Challenge #3: Lack of Global Coverage

Lacking global PSTN coverage with your current Skype for Business features? PGi offers an expansive and reliable global network, including 140 local access numbers and 30+ telecom carriers, all optimized for audio collaboration.

Challenge #4: The Need to Let Participants Join from Any Device

Make Skype for Business even more convenient for your team by enabling participants to join meetings from any device. GlobalMeet Audio connects participants on dial-in, dial-out and Internet connections in the same Skype for Business meeting.

Challenge #5: Lack of Easy Integration with Skype for Business

Integrating an audio conferencing solution doesn’t have to be difficult. Organizations that are missing a solution that easily integrates with Skype for Business should consider GlobalMeet Audio by PGi. Our solution seamlessly integrates with the user interface and workflow of Skype for Business.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an audio conferencing provider can be challenging, but there are certain things that you can look for to ensure you’ll be working with the right one. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Strength of Infrastructure: An audio provider with a network and infrastructure that is enterprise grade to ensure quality so that your service is never interrupted at a critical moment.
  • Hybrid Audio Support: An audio conferencing provider’s network that can support hybrid audio will be key to maintaining productivity and collaboration as the workforce becomes more mobile.
  • Global Presence: Your next big client could be halfway around the world, which is why global presences and commitment to delivering quality audio to participants is important.
  • Integrations: Your audio provider should easily integrate into popular unified communications services so that all employees can experience the same consistent audio no matter where they are.

Request a trial today to learn more about how Skype for Business integrates with GlobalMeet Audio by PGi.

Getting the Most Out of GlobalMeet Audio for Skype for Business

PGi’s GlobalMeet® Audio for Skype® for Business audio integration is a hybrid solution that seamlessly delivers enterprise-class audio for meetings anywhere around the world. It helps ensure that every meeting has the best audio quality possible, regardless of the device you choose to meet with. In order help you get the most out of your next GlobalMeet Audio for Skype for Business meeting, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks below:

Set Meeting Audio Options:

Pick the device that you’d prefer to use, whether it’s your computer, desk phone or mobile phone. Setting meeting audio options to best fit your needs will help save time at the start of your meetings.

There are three different ways to join the audio portion of a Skype for Business meeting. Each time you join a meeting, Skype for Business will automatically displays the Join Meeting Audio screen and guide you to select your audio option. You can choose from the following options:

  1. You can connect over Skype for Business by using your computer microphone and speakers, or a headset.
  2. You can have Skype for Business call you at a number you specify.
  3. You can call into the meeting from your desk or mobile phone.

Music on Hold Feature:

Using the music on hold feature during your meetings will make it so that participants will need to wait for you before they can begin conversation with other guests. This gives you the chance to properly introduce meeting participants if necessary.

If the music on hold feature is available for your company, you and your guests should dial in to your audience conference bridge instead of using the Skype client to attend. Why? When you use the Skype client attend, music on hold is silenced as soon as the first participant joins the meeting. As the meeting host, you can dial in and provide your moderator passcode so that guests will hear music until you join.

Mute & Unmute Audience Command:

Understanding how to use the mute button correctly will help you become a better meeting host and avoid any unnecessary background noise or distractions.

To mute all participants in the meeting, go to the Participants panel and then click Participant Actions. Select Mute Audience. All guests’ lines in the meeting will be muted.

To unmute participants, select Participant Actions then Unmute Audience. All meeting guests are automatically unmuted. Attendees on their computer will be shown a message that the presenter has unmuted the call. Participants are free to unmute themselves using their own controls.

If you don’t see a Participant Access button in your panel, your Skype for Business meeting is set to allow all people to join equally. You’ll want to go to your Skype meeting options and change who’s a presenter and who has restricted access.

End Meeting & Disconnect All Participants:

Make sure your conference call ends the right way, and that all your meeting participants are disconnected properly.

To end your audio conference call, simply use the Disconnect button. But, be aware that it leaves you meeting guests connected to the audio conference. To end the meeting and disconnect all participants, you’ll need to click More Options, and then select End Meeting.

Use these tips and tricks for your next GlobalMeet Audio for Skype for Business meeting to make sure your event is flawless and interruption-free. New to GlobalMeet Audio? Be sure to check out PGi’s Skype audio conferencing capabilities and see how your company can get the most out of Skype for Business.

How to Set Up GlobalMeet Audio with Skype for Business

You’ve already made the commitment to better audio, but you probably have a few questions about how to get GlobalMeet® Audio with Skype® for Business up and running. The guide that follows will walk you through the setup process and answer any questions that might arise as your prepare to use GlobalMeet Audio with Skype for Business for the first time.

Getting Started

When you signed up for GlobalMeet Audio conferencing for your Skype for Business, PGi set up an account for your organization. With this, you should receive a set of telephone access numbers and passcodes in a credentials spreadsheet. Use these credentials to configure dial-in conferencing for your users.

Set Up GlobalMeet Audio

Dial-in conferencing should be configured so that your users can join a Skype for Business audio conference call from their desk or mobile phones. Head to the Skype for Business Admin Centers in the Admin area of your Microsoft Online Portal to assign the dial in numbers and passcodes for each user.

Users can dial their assigned access numbers and passcodes to join an audio conference call. Admins have the option to set up dial-in conferencing for users one at a time or several at a time by using the Bulk Import feature.

Audio Passcodes & Music on Hold

GlobalMeet Audio conference accounts have two passcodes – moderator and participant. When setting up dial-in conferencing for Skype users, you should enter the participant passcode. Most of the time, this is the only passcode users will need to know.

When music on hold or enhanced authentication for high-risk countries is enabled (which requires music on hold), your users should dial in to the audio conference bridge, instead of using the Skype client to attend. If users dial into the Skype client to attend, music on hold is turned off as soon as the first participant joins the meeting audio.

Meeting hosts will need to know their moderator passcodes and use them when dialing into each audio conference call. This ensures that participants hear music and cannot talk to each other until the host joins.

Skype for Business Users Outside Your Organization

If you want to allow Skype for Business users outside your company to be able to communicate with internal users, you should enable SIP domain federation before setting up dial-in conferencing. Configuring SIP federation with GlobalMeet audio conferencing will allow PGi audio to accept connections to the same meeting from two different infrastructures.

Dial-In Conferencing for Single User

Admins can also set up dial-in conferencing for a single user or remove users from the settings. Setting up dial-in conferencing is especially important if you’re using Skype for Business on mobile devices. Mobile users won’t be able to join a Skype for Business meeting with the single click feature unless the meeting includes dial-in conferencing.

Dial-In Conferencing for Multiple Users

Set up multiple users with the import and export feature on Skype for Business. The Bulk Import option will let you set up dial-in conferencing for multiple users quickly and easily by importing a CSV file. First, export your users to a CSV files. Then, enter the access numbers and passcodes from your PGi credentials spreadsheet. Lastly, import the completed CSV file.

Once the above steps have been taken, you are officially ready to experience GlobalMeet Audio in your Skype for Business meetings. Prepare for crystal-clear audio and better meetings ahead.

New to GlobalMeet Audio? Be sure to check out PGi’s Skype audio conferencing capabilities and see how Skype for Business can benefit your company.

Web Conferencing Solution Enhances End User Satisfaction for intoCareers

intoCareers has proudly provided their users with first-class career development training for more than 40 years. intoCareers’ career information system (CIS) is utilized in over 35 percent of the nation’s state-sponsored schools to provide high-quality career information to teachers and counselor nationwide.

A sudden price increase in their web conferencing software led intoCareers in search of a more reliable and cost-effective web conferencing solution. intoCareers turned to PGi and, after a free trial of GlobalMeet®, the company was sold.

intoCareers relies heavily on virtual training sessions to educate new CIS operators and update current employees of revisions in curriculum. With the help of GlobalMeet, intoCareers was quickly able to streamline their virtual meetings and enhance the efficacy of their virtual training, ultimately increasing end user satisfaction.

“With GlobalMeet, our users just expect seamless training sessions, and that’s what they get!”Susan Roudebush, Consultant and Master Trainer

Ready to see how GlobalMeet can take your company’s meetings to the next level? Try it for free today.

How Advocate Consulting Stays on Top with Top-Notch, All-in-One Virtual Collaboration Technology

Advocate Consulting, an IT consulting and managed services firm, has transformed the way companies use communications and technology to accelerate business for over 12 years. Today, the firm continues to drive innovation, cutting edge strategy and unmatched execution for its clients.

With employees and customers located all over the world, the firm struggled to consistently drive innovation and productivity. Without a reliable web conferencing solution or the means to continuously travel to long-distance meetings, collaboration began to suffer. Faced with this challenge, Advocate Consulting reached out to the meeting experts, PGi, to help them effectively connect with internal and external constituents.

Currently, the firm uses iMeet® and GlobalMeet® to meet with clients and virtual teams face-to-face. These PGi products have helped Advocate Consulting overcome its communication challenges and realize five advantages:

  •  A partnership based on trust
  •  All-in-one virtual collaboration technology
  •  Superior user experience
  •  Lower costs
  •  More meaningful conversations

To learn how PGi tools helped Advocate Consulting reach dramatic gains for both itself and its clients, download this free case study.

“PGi not only offered quick deployment and seamless implementation. It also provided personalized training and ongoing end user support. Both PC and Mac users enjoy the same high quality user experience because neither iMeet nor GlobalMeet require software downloads.”

iMeet vs. GlobalMeet: Which Conferencing Solution Is Right for You?

With the wide variety of web conferencing and video conferencing solutions available today, businesses have the luxury of tailoring their tools to meet the specific needs of their teams. What works for Sales might not work for Marketing, and IT almost certainly has different needs than the C-suite.

But with all of the available features out there, how do you know which conferencing tool to choose? And how do all of these bells and whistles actually help you get work done?

iMeet® and GlobalMeet® are two of PGi’s premiere conferencing solutions, both embodying a wide variety of features that can help meet the collaborations needs of any team or department. While there’s certainly some overlap in the use cases for both solutions — remote teams, mobile workforces, companies with a global reach, etc. — both products have unique features that can fulfill the needs of your team.

For this reason, we wanted to compare iMeet vs. GlobalMeet features so that you can find the conferencing tool that’s best for your unique collaboration needs.

Real-Time Collaboration

If you’re on a team that’s spread across the country (or the world, for that matter) and constantly reviews and collaborates on documents together, consider GlobalMeet. This tool includes features for online presentations, screen sharing, file sharing, chat and even Q&A polling to keep your team engaged.

GlobalMeet is perfect for creating highly-effective and engaging experiences with a larger group of people and provides the tools you need for better presentations. The whiteboarding tool is great for visual brainstorming because it lets hosts and guests draw and diagram together in a shared space. This feature also extends to presentation sharing, where a host can enable annotations directly onto a PowerPoint or PDF for his or her guests.


A Game of Numbers

A simple question to ask when deciding between iMeet and GlobalMeet: how many people need to be in your online meetings?

iMeet supports HD video for 15 participants, making it perfect for small teams and regular or spontaneous meetings. However, you can connect and collaborate with up to 125 people in your own custom meeting room.

GlobalMeet lets you meet with up to 125 people on PGi’s global audio network, making it perfect for larger teams, meetings involving multiple teams, training sessions and more. The Active Speaker technology switches dynamically between webcams based on who is speaking.


True Face-to-Face Experience

While GlobalMeet allows 125 users to all use webcams and switches between them dynamically, iMeet’s innovative cube interface is great for creating truly personal interaction.

With iMeet, users’ webcams are visible simultaneously, putting everyone on equal footing. This makes it an ideal conferencing tool for things like interviewing candidates or one-on-ones between managers and direct reports. Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, iMeet’s HD quality video gives a crystal clear, face-to-face meeting experience for every video conference. When a video call isn’t necessary, you can chat with contacts, share files from an integrated file cabinet and make voice calls.

Going Social

If you’re a social media maven, or simply like the opportunity of checking out your coworkers’ or prospects’ LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts, iMeet offers direct social media integration in guests’ cube profiles. iMeet-Desktop-and-Mobile During an iMeet meeting, you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from adding a new connection on LinkedIn or following a new Twitter account to engage directly with your guests.

Even outside your meetings, iMeet embraces social with the iMeet Community, an online forum where iMeet users can get solutions to problems, learn more about how to make the most of iMeet and even get insights on how iMeet can help you meet your business goals.

Embrace Mobility

As more and more companies embrace a mobile workforce, the need for dependable and robust mobile conferencing solutions is absolutely paramount. Luckily, both iMeet and GlobalMeet provide powerful mobile applications for iPhone® and iPad®, with GlobalMeet also providing a native app for BlackBerry. All of the PGi mobile apps provide an innovative experience for guests and hosts, allowing hosts many of the same privileges they enjoy on the desktop versions such as sharing files and guest management.

Are you interested in trying iMeet or GlobalMeet to see the benefits for yourself? Try iMeet for free or request a free GlobalMeet demo!

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