4 iMeet Features for Easier Scheduling

When work gets hectic, the last thing you want to deal with is tedious administrative tasks like scheduling meetings. Instead of spending valuable time cross-referencing schedules and chasing down meeting participants, invest in a smart meeting solution like iMeet®.

iMeet boasts a number of intuitive, easy-to-use features that will make scheduling a breeze and hosting meetings a pleasure. Check out these 4 iMeet features that make for easier scheduling:

Agenday® Smart Calendar App

As an iMeet user, the free Agenday app will undoubtedly be your best friend. Agenday is a smart calendar app that will help you take control of your schedule so you can work smarter.

Agenday includes a host of features, including:
  • Free Salesforce® Integration: Log your sales calls and import contacts directly into Salesforce Premium via iMeet Agendy
  • Master Calendar: iMeet Agenday combines all of your calendars, from personal to professional, in one convenient master calendar so you can see all of your tasks, meetings and events in one place
  • Learn about Meeting Guests: Agenday analyzes meetings guests and provides you valuable information, like meeting participants' LinkedIn profiles, so you can head into your meeting informed
  • Directions to the Meeting: If you're driving to your next meet, Agenday will provide you with turn-by-turn directions to get you to your meeting on time

iMeet Microsoft® Outlook® Plug-In

For Outlook users, iMeet offers a handy Outlook plug-in that features an iMeet section right in your Outlook toolbar with shortcuts that allow you to easily manage your iMeet room through Microsoft Outlook. From the toolbar, you can schedule meetings and send meeting requests, as well as get instant access to your room, iMeet.com and iMeet support.

Record Your Meetings

The workplace can, at times, be hectic, and scheduling meetings can be a hassle when calendars are full. Sometimes it just isn't possible to get all of the necessary people into a meeting room, virtual or otherwise. Thankfully, with iMeet's recording function, you can record the entire meeting with the touch of a button and forward the recording to participants who missed the meeting.

Call Missing Guests

Let's say you've scheduled a meeting and, upon entering your meeting room, you realize that a participant is missing. Rather then having to scramble to track them down via email or IM, you can simply use iMeet to call your guests directly from the meeting. This way, even a forgetful slip-up or scheduling oversight won't prohibit meeting participants from receiving important information.

To see for yourself howto better schedule and host meetings, try iMeet free for 30 days. And don't forget to download the free iMeet Agenday app for iOS and Android!

Sales Presentations: Are You Doing Them all Wrong?

The art of the sales presentation takes a lifetime to perfect. Over the years, you hone your personal appearance, speaking skills, negotiation tactics and customer service methods. However, between constantly evolving technology and buyer behaviors, modern sales professionals find that the old way of things are no longer the right way of doing things.

So, when it comes to the ever-important sales presentation, are you doing them all wrong? Here are four symptoms that you’re behind the times when it comes to sales presentations:

  1. You’re using the same slide template from 2001.
  2. You only make sales presentations in person or over the phone.
  3. You shake hands, hand out a business card and that’s that.
  4. You speak for over five minutes without interruptions or questions, and every meeting lasts exactly 60 minutes.

If these scenarios sound familiar, it’s time to get you back on track perfecting the art of the sales presentation.

Step 1: Upgrade your presentation creation tools.
Slide decks and business cards are still staples in the presentation arena, but new tools take those old-school methods, add a little tech polish and provide a better experience for everyone. Here are some great tools that will get you out of the PowerPoint® funk.

Canva‘s free online tool helps professionals of any skill level create high-quality graphic design elements, including presentation slides that are available to download and share as PDF files. Free templates and layouts offer the most up-to-date, modern design styles, which you can customize with your own images, colors and fonts.

Haiku Deck‘sfree app also helps you make visually compelling presentations in minutes. Just select your format and layout for text, add high-quality images to the background and then export presentations as PPTX or PDF files for sharing.

Step 2: Add video narration to your presentation slides.
The average business person attends 60 meetings a week, either in person or via conference calls. For you, the salesperson trying to get in and close a deal, that means you’re competing to just get in the door. Effective sales reps, however, are taking modern tech tools like sales productivity software to gain customers’ attention, facilitate simulated face-to-face presentations and close the deals.

In fact, iMeet® Narrate lets you record audio and video to narrate slides and better tailor online sales presentations for your audience. By sending personalized, video sales presentations, you’re not only better able to capture attention through the power of video but also track and monitor engagement, more effectively score leads and reach multiple prospects at once so you can close more deals, faster.

Simply upload your slide deck (as a PPT, PPTX or PDF file) and choose whether you want to add video or audio-only narration using your webcam or microphone. Next, you can customize your presentation with additional chapters, polls and attachments; set up tracking and lead generation; share it by email, link, social media or embedded in a website and view real-time analytics to assess your presentation’s reception.

Step 3: Follow up virtually.
Once you analyze your presentation’s performance metrics, quickly follow up with the warmest leads by using your personal iMeet online meeting room.

Step 4: One more thing…
Outside the techie ways to get the presentation done, even the methods employed during speeches and presentations have changed. The listen-and-learn philosophy is over. Customers want to collaborate with trusted partners more than ever before.

To really learn about your customers and establish yourself as not just a vendor, but a trusted adviser, employ these techniques to put the “it factor” in your sales presentations and follow-up online meetings:

  • Identify their pain points. Come prepared with a list of questions and ask them. Easy as that.
  • Share your human side. Salespeople often try too hard to impress customers. In the era of social media and collaboration, however, customers want to get to know the real you. Share photos of your animals, kids and hobbies in your slide decks and don’t be afraid to share a personal story.
  • Engage all five senses. Salespeople can get stuck in the corporate-approved, road map-style presentation, but, again, that’s old-school, one-way-dialogue thinking. To really engage your prospects and customers, remember that customers learn not just with their ears, but also their eyes, nose, taste and touch. Use visually appealing slides that will engage all the senses for a 100-percent sensory understanding of what you’re putting on the table.

For more presentation ideas to help kick your sales methods into the next era, download the newest, free eBook by PGi, “The Science of Sales Presentations.”

The Science of Sales Presentations

Virtual Meeting Case Study: Vantedge Group

Full-service insights, analytics and optimization strategies firm Vantedge Group leverages video conferencing software to conduct primary research focus groups that deliver more robust insights, in less time and for less money. However, the firm needed a superior virtual meeting solution to make virtual focus groups seamless and, in turn, more productive.

After considering several competitors for their conferencing needs, Vantedge chose iMeet® by PGi, all-in-one audio, video and web conferencing. As a result of iMeet's simplicity and convenience, Vantedge Group experienced lowered meeting costs, increased productivity and decreased travel time and expenses after conducting just three virtual focus groups with the solution.

“We know we’re getting a high ROI. Conservatively, executing an event through iMeet easily saves us one-third to one-half the costs of a traditional focus group.”

How a Startup Agency Used Video Conferencing Technology to Brand Themselves

Jay Eagleson founded Eighty6, a digital marketing agency, to help smaller companies build their brands. In order to compete in the marketing industry, Jay quickly realized his agency must first make a great impression with its own brand before earning the trust of others. Since Eighty6 was a startup with limited resources, it needed a state-of-the-art video conferencing technology to attract potential clients around the country and keep them engaged, all without leaving New Jersey.

As a result, Jay partnered with PGi and used iMeet®, an online meeting tool, as one of the building blocks of the Eighty6 brand. After selecting a group of talented individuals who were located across New Jersey, he hosted late night virtual meetings until he felt confident in quitting his day job. After Jay found his team, it was time to start seeking clients. Instead of spending time and money traveling to meet with prospects, the team used video conferencing technology so they could build stronger relationships with customers across the country while sitting in their office. Eighty6 used iMeet to conduct virtual introductions, host presentations and share positive body language.

PGi’s video conferencing software allowed the marketing agency keep travel costs down, meetings on-target and participants focused.

To learn more about how iMeet helped Eighty6 grow from a small side project to a full-time company, download this free case study.

How Advocate Consulting Stays on Top with Top-Notch, All-in-One Virtual Collaboration Technology

Advocate Consulting, an IT consulting and managed services firm, has transformed the way companies use communications and technology to accelerate business for over 12 years. Today, the firm continues to drive innovation, cutting edge strategy and unmatched execution for its clients.

With employees and customers located all over the world, the firm struggled to consistently drive innovation and productivity. Without a reliable web conferencing solution or the means to continuously travel to long-distance meetings, collaboration began to suffer. Faced with this challenge, Advocate Consulting reached out to the meeting experts, PGi, to help them effectively connect with internal and external constituents.

Currently, the firm uses iMeet® and GlobalMeet® to meet with clients and virtual teams face-to-face. These PGi products have helped Advocate Consulting overcome its communication challenges and realize five advantages:

  •  A partnership based on trust
  •  All-in-one virtual collaboration technology
  •  Superior user experience
  •  Lower costs
  •  More meaningful conversations

To learn how PGi tools helped Advocate Consulting reach dramatic gains for both itself and its clients, download this free case study.

“PGi not only offered quick deployment and seamless implementation. It also provided personalized training and ongoing end user support. Both PC and Mac users enjoy the same high quality user experience because neither iMeet nor GlobalMeet require software downloads.”

Vaco Takes ‘Free Yourself’ to the Next Level with Video Interviews

Download the free Vaco case study to learn how this recruiting firm utilized video interviews technology, iMeet® video conferencing, to realize a five-time increase in recruiter productivity.

  • Reduce lost time from back-and-forth email communications
  • Screen more candidates with shorter, more effective online video interviews
  • Improve time-to-fill by enabling shorter interview-to-hire timeline
  • Enable on-the-fly, ad hoc virtual team meetings
  • Lower costs associated with business travel for both candidates and recruiters

Vaco—a top 5000 fastest growing company as ranked by Inc. magazine—matches the strongest accounting, financial, IT and administrative professionals with the unique project and permanent needs of its clients— simple in theory, difficult in execution. When deadlines loom large, there are no more weekends to give and the infrastructure must evolve in order to compete and meet the demands of clients who need quality candidates at the speed of now.

In short, Vaco needed to implement today’s newest technology breakthroughs to stay ahead of a highly competitive market, satisfy client demands and attract the best talent in the U.S.

“Most of the companies that reach out to Vaco to assist with recruiting have exhausted all of their internal resources. Speed is extremely important in these circumstances, and that’s where iMeet comes in.”Jim Jhanda, Vaco Managing Partner

iMeet vs. GlobalMeet: Which Conferencing Solution Is Right for You?

With the wide variety of web conferencing and video conferencing solutions available today, businesses have the luxury of tailoring their tools to meet the specific needs of their teams. What works for Sales might not work for Marketing, and IT almost certainly has different needs than the C-suite.

But with all of the available features out there, how do you know which conferencing tool to choose? And how do all of these bells and whistles actually help you get work done?

iMeet® and GlobalMeet® are two of PGi’s premiere conferencing solutions, both embodying a wide variety of features that can help meet the collaborations needs of any team or department. While there’s certainly some overlap in the use cases for both solutions — remote teams, mobile workforces, companies with a global reach, etc. — both products have unique features that can fulfill the needs of your team.

For this reason, we wanted to compare iMeet vs. GlobalMeet features so that you can find the conferencing tool that’s best for your unique collaboration needs.

Real-Time Collaboration

If you’re on a team that’s spread across the country (or the world, for that matter) and constantly reviews and collaborates on documents together, consider GlobalMeet. This tool includes features for online presentations, screen sharing, file sharing, chat and even Q&A polling to keep your team engaged.

GlobalMeet is perfect for creating highly-effective and engaging experiences with a larger group of people and provides the tools you need for better presentations. The whiteboarding tool is great for visual brainstorming because it lets hosts and guests draw and diagram together in a shared space. This feature also extends to presentation sharing, where a host can enable annotations directly onto a PowerPoint or PDF for his or her guests.


A Game of Numbers

A simple question to ask when deciding between iMeet and GlobalMeet: how many people need to be in your online meetings?

iMeet supports HD video for 15 participants, making it perfect for small teams and regular or spontaneous meetings. However, you can connect and collaborate with up to 125 people in your own custom meeting room.

GlobalMeet lets you meet with up to 125 people on PGi’s global audio network, making it perfect for larger teams, meetings involving multiple teams, training sessions and more. The Active Speaker technology switches dynamically between webcams based on who is speaking.


True Face-to-Face Experience

While GlobalMeet allows 125 users to all use webcams and switches between them dynamically, iMeet’s innovative cube interface is great for creating truly personal interaction.

With iMeet, users’ webcams are visible simultaneously, putting everyone on equal footing. This makes it an ideal conferencing tool for things like interviewing candidates or one-on-ones between managers and direct reports. Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, iMeet’s HD quality video gives a crystal clear, face-to-face meeting experience for every video conference. When a video call isn’t necessary, you can chat with contacts, share files from an integrated file cabinet and make voice calls.

Going Social

If you’re a social media maven, or simply like the opportunity of checking out your coworkers’ or prospects’ LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts, iMeet offers direct social media integration in guests’ cube profiles. iMeet-Desktop-and-Mobile During an iMeet meeting, you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from adding a new connection on LinkedIn or following a new Twitter account to engage directly with your guests.

Even outside your meetings, iMeet embraces social with the iMeet Community, an online forum where iMeet users can get solutions to problems, learn more about how to make the most of iMeet and even get insights on how iMeet can help you meet your business goals.

Embrace Mobility

As more and more companies embrace a mobile workforce, the need for dependable and robust mobile conferencing solutions is absolutely paramount. Luckily, both iMeet and GlobalMeet provide powerful mobile applications for iPhone® and iPad®, with GlobalMeet also providing a native app for BlackBerry. All of the PGi mobile apps provide an innovative experience for guests and hosts, allowing hosts many of the same privileges they enjoy on the desktop versions such as sharing files and guest management.

Are you interested in trying iMeet or GlobalMeet to see the benefits for yourself? Try iMeet for free or request a free GlobalMeet demo!

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How Plantronics and PGi Share a Culture of Innovation

After 51 years of innovation — including pioneering such breakthroughs as lightweight and mobile headsets, noise-cancelling products and the personal speakerphone — audio technology giant Plantronics set a new vision for itself.

Its main goal, spearheaded by VP of Strategy & New Business Development Jeffrey Seigel, was to create immersive virtual experiences where people feel they are in the same room and can collaborate freely and easily. Accordingly, Jeffrey approached PGi to explore synergies—including how Plantronics’ contextually intelligent headphones might enhance the PGi user experience.

In the past, Jeffrey had been disappointed by other video technology and web conferencing options (clumsy audio software that incorporated video as an afterthought or high quality video conferencing that lacked screen sharing capabilities). But he quickly felt that PGi’s culture of innovation dovetailed with Plantronics’ goals for success. iMeet® has helped Jeffrey carry out a bold new vision for Plantronics.

“When I’m first collaborating with someone, I’m trying to convey a bold new idea — something that they haven’t conceived of — and get across the implications for their business. My ideas need to really come forth in a way that is fully understood, where I can see how people are responding.”