Infographic: 5 Collaboration Trends That Will Impact Your Tech

The workforce has reached a new stage of its evolution. To find and invest in the right collaboration technology, you must understand your team’s needs on a deeper level. We’ve cut through the clutter and have narrowed down some of the biggest trends affecting technology and collaboration. Check out the infographic and tell us if you agree.

Does your collaboration technology inspire collaboration or hinder it?

This infographic reveals five trends impacting business collaboration, and ways you can better empower your changing workforce with seamless meeting experiences.

Interactive Infographic: Webinars and Webcasts…Yes, There IS a Difference!

Many people use the terms “webinar” and “webcast” interchangeably. But we’re here to tell you they’re actually very different. That means your wish of finding a one-size-fits-all solution that meets your entire organization’s needs are long gone.

Find the Right Solution for Your Teams

If you’re struggling to find the right solution for your business, don’t fret. This interactive infographic outlines the differences (and similarities!) between webinars and webcasts, and will walk you through key features, capabilities and use cases for each. As you scroll through, click on your must-haves so you can see which option is right for your business!

5 Ways Business Communication Will Change in 2019

Innovative technologies are empowering organizations to elevate the communication experience. Connected, real-time and data-driven, these new touch points don’t just enable teams to work better and faster; they allow them to have more timely and contextual interactions with customers — and each other.

Download the free infographic now to see how business communication will change in 2019.

5 Ways Your Online Event Can Go Wrong

Whether it’s a webinar or webcast, an online event is one of the smartest ways to connect with your audience. However, not all online events are created equal. As with anything in life, your results will only be as good as the tools you’re using.

PGi has collected five of the most common problems people face when producing an online event so you can be prepared to fix them - or better yet, avoid them in the first place!

Download the infographic and say goodbye to cringe-worthy online events.

The Future of Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) on Mobile

PGi partnered with GSMA to survey industry experts on mobile usage in the enterprise. Our report found that usage of the smartphone in the office has officially tipped the scales as the preferred method of choice when it comes to communication and collaboration. In this infographic, you’ll find key stats and insights revealed from the survey. You can also view and download the full white paper for additional information.

Global Cultural Survey: Business Around the World — Infographic

Technology is at the forefront of the modern workplace; technological innovations have broadened our reach and made international business possible, if not downright easy. As geographical barriers crumble and global business booms, the scope of who we can work with widens. As a result, the cultural nuances and regional differences in business etiquette are more prevalent then ever. Here at PGi, we became interested in how global business and cultural office trends differ across the globe, so we conducted a global cultural survey to see how the office of today looks around the world. Our global cultural survey received 800+ responses that illuminated how we collaborate, communicate and interact with each other in a business setting.

Based on our findings, we believe that technology and collaboration tools can help break down cultural barriers and unify people across different regions and cultures. This is evidenced by the work habits and business etiquette that exist across the board and dictate how we do business, both with people of our own culture and from other cultures as well. On a social and cultural level, these results also indicate a more relaxed attitude in the workplace.

As dress codes ease up and surnames get dropped, we feel a bit more comfortable and can get our work done without being bogged down or constrained by old-fashioned customs and traditions. The workplace of today is increasingly a more open-minded place, accepting of cultural nuances and defined by an agreeableness that is evident in these survey results. To see how business norms vary across the globe, download the Global Cultural Survey: Business Around the World infographic today.

Collaboration Diagnostic Quiz Six-Month Insights — Infographic

Back in 2016, we launched the Collaboration Diagnostic Quiz, an innovative tool used to identify individual collaborative personality traits to enable professionals to better understand how they work to take their collaboration with colleagues to a new level.

Collaboration is essential to personal, professional and organizational success, so it comes as no surprise that we’ve seen a great turnout and helped over a thousand knowledge workers identify their collaborative personality type since the collaboration diagnostic quiz launched six months ago.

Just as the collaboration diagnostic quiz has given individuals a better understanding of their collaborative nuances, the quiz results have also provided us here at PGi with some valuable insights into how people collaborate.

The collaboration diagnostic six-month recap infographic will give you a high-level overview of collaboration trends across a variety of industries.

Check out the infographic today and also take the collaboration diagnostic survey yourself if you haven't already to garner useful insights into your collaborative habits and work style.

2017 Workplace Tech Trends

Once again, PGi surveyed customers and knowledge workers from across the U.S. to better understand what type of technology was trending among respondents. In order to fully understand and analyze this year's workplace tech trends, PGi asked these front-line employees to provide honest feedback on what type of technology they wanted to see in their offices in 2017, the types of obstacles they felt were halting implementation and what tech they thought would become obsolete this year.

To see the full results of our second annual Workplace Tech Trends data, download the free infographic now.

The Science of Sound

Sound is all around us. It dictates how we communicate, how we entertain ourselves and even how we work. But the quality of sound we hear can have a drastic effect on how we perceive that sound.

PGi's Science of Sound infographic will demonstrate how the quality of sound you hear in the workplace can help or hurt your productivity.

UC&C for Telco Carriers Infographic

To understand how UC&C market plays a crucial competitive role in enhancing the value of Telco Carrier offerings in the digital economy landscape, PGi has created an insightful infographic, free for download. Interested in learning more about partnerships between UC&C providers and Telco Carriers? Check out our free checklist: What to Look for in a UC&C Partner.


PGi’s Summer Hours Survey

In a pulse survey, we asked our PGi customers what they would do with 90 extra minutes of free time in their work week this summer. Check out the highlights of the survey in our Summer Hours infographic and learn how you can close out your summer with a bang.


2016 Workplace Tech Trends

During a quick pulse survey, PGi surveyed its small and medium-sized business customer base to find out what type of technology they really wanted at work. In order to fully understand and analyze tech trends in the 2016 workplace, PGi asked these front-line employees to provide honest feedback, and there were a few surprises. Check out the infographic below to better understand how 2016’s workplace tech trends:

2016 Workplace Tech Trends by PGi

2016 Global Telework Survey

By now, we are all familiar with the idea of telecommuting, and rightly so. In a 2015 Gallup poll, it was found that telecommuting has seen a 37 percent rise in popularity in the last decade. But let’s stop and think for a second. If remote work is so popular, why are commute times still outrageous? Why are some companies still opposing official telecommuting policies?

In PGi’s second annual Global Telework Survey, we surveyed knowledge workers from around the globe to better understand their telecommuting habits and the overall state of remote work. From commute times and technology to perspectives and policies, we wanted to know, has telecommuting hit the mainstream or does it represent only a small slice of the workforce? Our results revealed some interesting trends that may change the way you think about the state of telework. Download the 2016 Global Telework Survey to see our full results.

Wake up Your Webinar: 10 Ways to Engage Your Virtual Audience

Did you know that on average only 30 percent of webinar attendees stay for 30-60 minutes, and only 11 percent will stay over an hour? It’s hard enough to get someone to attend your webinar, but how can you get them to commit 45 minutes or more to your event?

The answer is engagement! Once you begin to engage your audience, they stay, they learn and they become valuable prospects to your company.

Ready to learn how the best in class marketers keep their audience glued to their screens and wanting more even after the event is over? Check out our new infographic, Wake up Your Webinar: 10 Ways to Engage Your Virtual Audience, now to learn more.

A CMO’s Guide to Virtual Collaboration

Marketing departments are growing in size, skills diversity and location. And today’s CMO is more involved than ever with the entire organization—including services, sales, product, IT, HR and finance. With all these disparate stakeholders engaged, sometimes it can feel like herding cats and corralling chickens!

That’s why for CMOs, virtual and online collaboration are more important than ever. Check out PGi’s new infographic, Herding Cats and Corralling Chickens, which takes a look at the virtual workforce and offers up some tips to help work more effectively together.

The Daily Grind

Did you know productivity at work has increased by 84 percent over the last four decades thanks to advancements in digital technology? For every overflowing inbox and complicated schedule there’s a digital solution to take control of your workday.

Learn how to leverage the latest technology to amp up your personal productivity in PGi’s infographic, “The Daily Grind: How Technology Empowers Productivity”:

Virtually Unstoppable

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer just an emerging technology trend but also the future of work. With the VR market expected to grow over 200 percent by 2018, PGi looks at how VR, holograms and even augmented reality might change and improve the workplace in the near future.

Scroll through PGi’s virtual reality infographic below, “Virtually Unstoppable,” to learn more:

Winding Down the Workweek

Think working longer hours improves your productivity at work? Statistics shows that despite the extra effort, employees that work beyond the typical 40-hour workweek do not actually experience better productivity.

Find out why you should work smarter, not longer, in PGi’s infographic, “Winding Down the Workweek“: