5 Signs You’re Ready for the Cloud

Cloud technologies have changed the way businesses connect and communicate today. Companies of all sizes are transitioning from traditional, on premise phone systems to cloud-based PBX (private branch exchange) systems. In fact, a recent report from Gartner estimates that more than $1T in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud during the next five years.

The reason for this industry shift is that cloud solutions give consumers access to simple, seamless products that increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance service to employees and customers.

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4 iMeet Features for Easier Scheduling

When work gets hectic, the last thing you want to deal with is tedious administrative tasks like scheduling meetings. Instead of spending valuable time cross-referencing schedules and chasing down meeting participants, invest in a smart meeting solution like iMeet®.

iMeet boasts a number of intuitive, easy-to-use features that will make scheduling a breeze and hosting meetings a pleasure. Check out these 4 iMeet features that make for easier scheduling:

Agenday® Smart Calendar App

As an iMeet user, the free Agenday app will undoubtedly be your best friend. Agenday is a smart calendar app that will help you take control of your schedule so you can work smarter.

Agenday includes a host of features, including:
  • Free Salesforce® Integration: Log your sales calls and import contacts directly into Salesforce Premium via iMeet Agendy
  • Master Calendar: iMeet Agenday combines all of your calendars, from personal to professional, in one convenient master calendar so you can see all of your tasks, meetings and events in one place
  • Learn about Meeting Guests: Agenday analyzes meetings guests and provides you valuable information, like meeting participants' LinkedIn profiles, so you can head into your meeting informed
  • Directions to the Meeting: If you're driving to your next meet, Agenday will provide you with turn-by-turn directions to get you to your meeting on time

iMeet Microsoft® Outlook® Plug-In

For Outlook users, iMeet offers a handy Outlook plug-in that features an iMeet section right in your Outlook toolbar with shortcuts that allow you to easily manage your iMeet room through Microsoft Outlook. From the toolbar, you can schedule meetings and send meeting requests, as well as get instant access to your room, iMeet.com and iMeet support.

Record Your Meetings

The workplace can, at times, be hectic, and scheduling meetings can be a hassle when calendars are full. Sometimes it just isn't possible to get all of the necessary people into a meeting room, virtual or otherwise. Thankfully, with iMeet's recording function, you can record the entire meeting with the touch of a button and forward the recording to participants who missed the meeting.

Call Missing Guests

Let's say you've scheduled a meeting and, upon entering your meeting room, you realize that a participant is missing. Rather then having to scramble to track them down via email or IM, you can simply use iMeet to call your guests directly from the meeting. This way, even a forgetful slip-up or scheduling oversight won't prohibit meeting participants from receiving important information.

To see for yourself howto better schedule and host meetings, try iMeet free for 30 days. And don't forget to download the free iMeet Agenday app for iOS and Android!

Webcasting Solution Improves Global Employee Engagement for Belden Inc.

With 9,000 employees all over the world, Belden’s ability to connect and engage with all of their teams has been challenging. To help meet its goal of being a world-class company in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and shareholder value, Belden knew it needed a solution.

Belden turned to PGi to provide an intuitive, flawless webcasting platform to power their quarterly CEO town hall meetings. Belden utilizes iMeetLive to produce live streaming town halls to keep its associates in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia engaged with the company’s executives.

Using iMeetLive, Belden has been able to reach its global network of employees through HD video and audio. The reliable, consistent experience during each town hall has not only impressed their CEO, but their employees as well.

Not only is it easy for me to set up these web events, but thanks to the great user experience, employees from all over the globe are asking how they can use iMeetLive in their offices.Michelle Foster, Corporate Communications Manager

Why Do You Need a Sales Acceleration Tool?

Sales quota — if that phrase raises your heartrate, makes your palms sweaty or makes you want to curl up in a ball under your desk, you’re not alone. Consistently meeting sales quota is one of the most stressful parts of a sales professional’s job, especially in lieu of today’s evolving sales landscape.

Luckily, sales teams now have sales acceleration technology available to shorten the sales cycle and sales productivity software to overcome today’s biggest challenges in the sales industry, like:

  • The Complex Buyer’s Journey: Today’s non-linear buying cycle doesn’t always fit the funnel defined by marketing and sales. Buyers independently research purchases and rely less on salespeople for information: browsing social media and websites, reading peer reviews, comparing vendors, analyzing ROI on their own, etc. Purchases now involve more decision makers, too. On average, salespeople now need to engage 5.4 decision makers in B2B purchasing decisions, according to the Harvard Business Review. Because of the increased touchpoints and buyers involved, sales cycles often last longer. About 53 percent of B2B buyers responded that their buying cycle had increased from last year, according to 2015 B2B Buyer’s Survey Report from Demand Gen Report.
  • The Rise of Social Selling: To meet buyers where they now are—online—sales must rely on social selling, also known as inside sales. This strategy allows sales teams to reach more prospects and build better relationships, while eliminating travel and cold calling, but it presents new challenges: building authentic relationships online, standing out from the noise and maintaining momentum. It requires sales to constantly create and personalize compelling content and to put in more legwork monitoring and tracking content effectiveness.
  • The Scientific Approach to Sales: Data-driven business is the future of every line of business, including sales. Every salesperson needs insights to take a more scientific approach to sales and quit spending time on dead-end leads. To maintain a competitive advantage, sales teams can’t afford to ignore the latest data and technology while competitors use them to identify optimal response times, what’s working and which leads are the most promising.


With sales productivity software, you can yield powerful and data-driven insights to become more effective at converting prospects to customers, while automating processes in your social selling strategy. This way, you will have more time to close bigger deals.

You can create more engaging, personalized and effective sales messaging (leveraging existing marketing material) and create a better feedback loop with marketing on what’s working. Also, you can reach multiple prospects at once, set up real-time email notifications and improve lead tracking. Utilizing a sales productivity software that integrates with your CRM software means you can spend less time entering data.

Combined with ways to shorten the sales cycle, sales acceleration technology ultimately increases your company’s revenue.

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What is a Sales Acceleration Tool?

As a sales person you know that standing out from the competition is one of the top elements to continuing success. Instead of traditional cold calling, email chains and constant follow up with prospects, you can stand out from your competition and impress your prospects by using a sales acceleration tool like PGi’s iMeet® Narrate.

This tool is designed specifically for sales professionals to improve their ability to generate top of the funnel prospects and move them quickly through the sales process all the way to close.

With PGi’s sales acceleration tool, you can not only facilitate closing deals faster, but you can also gain knowledge about your prospects and streamline your overall sales process through a few key features of the tool:

Video narrated presentations: In today’s world of vast information, videos have become king when it comes to disseminating information. In fact, according to an Implix email marketing survey, including a video in an introductory email increases click-through rates by 96%.

Instead of utilizing the traditional method of contacting a prospect through cold calling and a follow up email with a presentation about your products, stand out from your competitors by including a video narrated presentation.

By combining these two features you’ll be able to create engaging content that is more likely to lead to securing a sales meeting and building a relationship with your prospect. You’ll quickly learn who is interested and which prospects are more likely to close, saving you precious time during the sales process.

Distribute and track: With a sales acceleration tool, not only can you create compelling content, but you can also reach a wider audience and gain valuable insights about them. With iMeet® Narrate, you can distribute your presentation to multiple prospects at once, as well as track which prospects opened the presentation and how long they viewed it, cutting down on time used pursuing dead-end leads.

Through this robust feature, you can also drive greater engagement and collect valuable data through the use of polls and online forms within your presentation. Finally, distribution of your content is simple; with just a few clicks you can send your presentation to multiple prospects through email, social networks and embedded codes, giving your messages greater reach.

CRM and marketing application integration:  As a sales rep, building relationships is important, but as you meet tens and maybe hundreds of prospects, it can be hard to keep their contact information and where they are in the sales process up to date and accurate. That’s where a CRM tool, like Salesforce® steps in. But because many of these tools require a sales rep to manually update records, reps can fall into a rut of spending way too much time updating records and out-of-date forecasts.

A sales acceleration tool like iMeet® Narrate provides users with the ability to build relationships and close more deals efficiently by connecting directly to third party CRM applications. Whenever viewers watch your content, you’ll have them automatically added as leads in various CRM tools yours company uses, like Salesforce®.

Following up with a prospect? With iMeet® Narrate, you can meet in your very own iMeet® room and utilize video and audio conferencing capabilities to meet with the prospect virtually. From your iMeet room you’ll be able to instantly update contact and opportunity records and automatically send iMeet recordings to Salesforce® to review at any time—keeping you from spending too much time keying in data and allowing you to stay up to date with each prospect’s sales process.

You can leverage these tools to help sales teams streamline their sales process and helps sales managers understand how their team members are doing individually. As a manager, you can see your teams’ iMeet sales meeting recordings and summaries within Salesforce® so you can provide valuable feedback and coaching to sales reps who made need extra motivation. You can also create video messages for announcements and sales training.

Sales acceleration tools help create impactful, engaging and tailored content for sales reps who are having trouble standing out to prospects or securing meetings and building their pipeline. Through this type of a tool, reps and sales managers can work together to efficiently determine the best leads to pursue and close those deals faster.

If you’re ready to try a sales acceleration tool that will help your sales team accelerate your sales funnel, create engaging content and have better lead tracking, check out PGi’s newest tool, iMeet® Narrate or request a demo.