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Going Virtual During COVID-19

With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we understand the need to deliver online business communications tools so that you can maintain communication with all your stakeholders. …

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Why You Should Get Hitched to the Unified Communications Bandwagon

How do you make a case for upgrading your collaboration and communication systems? Moreover, how do you select the best unified communication platform for your …

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TechTalk Summits Presents: Make Your Business Look Enterprise-Size​

When competing with larger enterprises, any tool you can use that evens the playing field or provides a competitive advantage is worth evaluating. When you …

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UC Today Video Interview: UCaaS Starts with UX​​​

GlobalMeet gives businesses a way to offer a seamless UCaaS experience to internal and external customers. User experience and satisfaction is crucial to its adoption …

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TechTalk Summits Presents: Accelerating SMB Success with Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) – a single, unified user experience integrating communication channels such as chat, email, video conferencing, apps and voice calling -is transforming the …

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Webinar Series: Competing Smarter With Your Business Communication Platform

GlobalMeet guest speaker Ira Weinstein from Recon Research discusses opportunities small to midsize businesses can seize for improving operations, recruitment, customer service, and more using …

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Enterprise Management 360 Presents: Defining Use Cases to Get a Great ROI on Collaboration

Why is cloud-based collaboration technology so important for business success? How are collaboration needs different for IT, end users and top management within an organization? …

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virtual meeting webinar

Hosting a Better Virtual Meeting

The goal behind any meeting is to keep your audience engaged. But when it comes to virtual meetings, keeping your audience engaged can be a …

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IT’s Evolving Role: A Frost & Sullivan Perspective on UC&C

Learn about trends in the workplace that are driving change for IT, such as the rise of virtual workplace, BYOT, increased need for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

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Sales & Marketing

Ask the Experts with SiriusDecisions: 4 Pillars of Building Sales & Marketing Alignment

Aligning marketing and sales teams is essential for meeting and exceeding pipeline and revenue goals. How can you improve collaboration and create alignment to drive results?

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