Long gone are the days when employees fully relied on IT to purchase and implement technology solutions. Today, everyone seems to be a cook in IT’s kitchen. “Shadow IT” continues to surge with technology innovation and ease moving together at a rapid speed. Employees feel armed with the savvy know-how to buy/download/share technical applications on their own accord and convenience, leaving IT in the shadow. This may expedite internal processes, but the implications present security vulnerabilities, redundancies in costs, and a disrupted harmony between IT and its fellow departments.

Join this FREE session with Melanie Turek, VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan, and Barbara Bacigalupi, Director of Sales Engineering at PGi, to uncover:

  • How Shadow IT will impact security more than ever before in 2017
  • Your business’ lost opportunities associated with Shadow IT
  • What you (and your enterprise) should do to get in compliance
  • The best way to diagnose and mitigate Shadow IT at your workplace