3 Ways to Maximize Collaboration ROI at Your Law Firm

Submitted by: Jason Cooper

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Soundpath Legal — A PGi Company

Law firms continue to endure challenges of efficiently exchanging information while mitigating risks of poor organization and failed communications. This makes tools for collaboration and UCC necessities for law firms to increase productivity, improve communications and share information among both remote and on-site employees, as well as clients. Implementing these collaboration tools is typically an expensive investment. How do you ensure you’re able to capture positive ROI from the effort?

Register for Soundpath Legal’s webinar for expert advice from the experts on three ways you can maximize ROI from collaboration investments. Discussion topics to include:

  • How to discover and understand your firm’s use cases of collaboration tools, prior to making a switch.
  • Advice and strategies for a painless implementation and strong user adoption.
  • Questions to ask when determining whether one or multiple collaboration vendors is best for your law firm’s needs.

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