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Here you’ll find our latest white papers on collaboration, conferencing & communication. These white papers feature comprehensive looks at industry trends, strategies and data to help guide your team for a successful future with business collaboration.

The New Workplace Reality

Remote working is here to stay. “Work” is no longer a place we go, but an activity that we do. Gone are the days when …

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Better Than Bots: Welcome to the AI-Powered Era of Smart Collaboration

In this new era of work, time is of the essence. Technology should help you maximize your time and your potential; it shouldn’t waste it. …

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5 Ways to Elevate Team Communication in Your Enterprise

It’s easy to reminisce on a time when business was conducted face to face. These days, it can feel like most business interactions take place …

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White Paper: Is Your Online Meeting Solution Secretly Hurting Team Productivity and Performance?

The tools we use to make business collaboration clear, fast, efficient and profitable continue to evolve. Does your solution garner sighs and eyerolls? It may …

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So You Want to Start a Webinar Program – Now What?

At this point, you’re likely already convinced that you need a webinar program. You either have one in place already and are looking for a …

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Video Room Meeting

Top 10 Ways To Modernise Your Collaboration Through UC

People have a rich choice of communication services in both their work and personal lives – FaceTime, WhatsApp, Slack, among others. It has become more …

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What is UCaaS – and How Do I Buy it?

Frost & Sullivan research shows that unified communications (UC) is here to stay, with almost two-thirds of companies reporting that UC is deployed within their …

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Webinars vs. Web Conferencing: What Tool is Best for You?

Two-thirds of companies use web conferencing on a regular basis for project collaboration. While web conferencing solutions can be used to support large-group or strategically …

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Looks Matter: 3 Ways Poor UX and UI Can Hurt Business Productivity

Poor UI and UX in meeting platforms often means wasted time and productivity for businesses. View our whitepaper now to learn more about how PGi, …

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Live Video Streaming Without Straining the Corporate Network

Video webcasting is the most vibrant and intimate medium executives can use to convey information to large, widespread internal audiences – efficiently and cost-effectively. Video …

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The Future of Enterprise is Mobile

According to new research: The future of enterprise is mobile. Smartphone adoption has grown significantly, and the industry expects growth to continue. This global survey …

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Leverage Collaboration Partners to Drive Innovation

It’s no secret – the collaboration space is pretty complex. There are tons of service providers out there and the decision-making process can become confusing. …

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digital collaboration

Digital Collaboration: The Rise of UC&C — White Paper Collaboration with Heavy Reading

The advent of IP-based networks over 15 years ago drastically changed the landscape of the corporate workplace. The rise of IP networks set the stage …

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Fight Back Against the OTT Threat

A Total Telecom Article on Behalf of PGi “By the end of 2020, VoLTE subscribers will account for more than $200 Billion in revenue.”SNS Research …

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The Science of Sound, Part 2: Noise in the Workplace and the Promise of Mobile Conferencing

If you read The Science of Sound, Part 1, you already know that the sounds that surround us (and the quality of those sounds) can …

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