It’s no secret that new technology drives cultural transformation, slays status quos and propels team productivity and collaboration, but what tech providers don’t want to admit is that these new applications don’t really accomplish any of those things unless the implementation and adoption process is seamless.

From enterprise deployment to mobile positioning, there are million things that can go wrong, and a number of recurring oversights can prevent a well-intentioned purchase from providing significant ROI. And unfortunately, many IT teams don’t have dedicated personnel to roll out new software and applications.

A successful implementation begins well before the day you roll out a solution. A best-in-class customer success team provides a partnership from the earliest stages of planning and determining processes. But too often, these first steps are overlooked or oversimplified.Angelina Beitia, SVP of Customer Success

From alignment strategies and personalized training to benchmarking reports and user adoption campaigns, it is important to map out the implementation process to ensure end-user success.

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