Marketing Agencies Bond with Clients and Build Relationships with Video Conferencing

Submitted by: PGi Blogger

Marketing pros often need to be in two places at once, attending the tens of millions of meetings that occur each and every day in the U.S. alone.

Business travel leaves your team waiting in airports almost as many hours as they spend in meetings. In the modern global marketplace, office branches for both agencies and clients are spread far and wide. Resources often work remotely.

Short of teleportation, a web-based, “always-on” meeting room that clients and teams can “step into” at any time is an excellent method for gathering remote professionals together to get them all on the same page, understanding the goals and framework of the project. More than ever, project teams require closer integration for better brainstorming and stronger bonds.

Online video meetings offer breakthrough gains in efficiency without adding significant expense to client service. For marketing agencies, the benefits include:

  • Lower costs based on reduced travel expenses for project teams
  • Clearer visibility into a client’s reaction and ongoing state of mind
  • Faster response to strategic changes or project adjustments
  • Closer collaboration among remote team members and across disciplines (e.g., creative, media, account planning)
  • Faster “ramp-up” on new accounts
  • Impressive communication tools that sell the agency

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