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60% of
B2B Marketers identify lead generation as their top online marketing challenge.
*Source B2B Magazine, “The Evolving B2B Purchase Process”.

60% of B2B Marketers identify lead generation as their top online marketing challenge.* This is why PGi offers a suite of marketing collaboration tools that help you increase lead generation, speed up the customer acquisition process, collaborate and complete campaigns more efficiently.

Using a marketing collaboration solution tailored to your challenges is crucial to achieve your business goals. Whether drafting campaign messaging, sharing knowledge and resources, fast-tracking projects or ideas, virtual collaboration is essential for marketers like you.

With PGi’s Collaboration Solutions for Marketers You Can:

  • Generate more quality leads for sales
  • Manage multiple marketing projects and campaigns with remote teams and agencies
  • Justify the marketing budget and prove value of marketing efforts
  • Use CRM integration to maximize software investment
  • Improve internal and external relationships and communication

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"Collaboration is working together to share information, solve problems, complete projects and accomplish goals." Forrester Research
iMeetLive by PGi

Improve Lead Generation

Engage prospects and nurture leads throughout the buyer’s journey with webinars. iMeetLive® lets you create and host custom webinars with live or on-demand events. Reach prospects on any device with a powerful, secure connection.
Accelerate customer acquisition live or on-demand, on any device with iMeetLive, a powerful, secure, completely customizable and scalable webcasting solution from PGi to reach audiences of any size.

iMeetLive by PGi
  • Create and host an unlimited number of events on any device for audiences of any size
  • Engage with customers and prospects through polls, surveys and Q&A functionality
  • Manage and qualify leads better with marketing automation
  • Edit and publish recorded on-demand webinars to nurture prospects
  • Gain insight from demographic and behavioral analytics to convert leads better

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iMeet Central by PGi

Better Project Management

iMeet® Central is an online marketing collaboration platform for project management, centralized communication, multi-media file storage and automated workflows.

iMeet Central by PGi
  • Complete projects faster without all the emails
  • Review, edit and approve marketing files online
  • Assign tasks and manage against timelines to get work done more efficiently
  • Eliminate file version issues with real-time editing and version control
  • Engage with vendors and agencies in a centralized place to roll out campaigns on time

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iMeet - Online Meeting Software by PGI

Improve Meeting Efficiency

Use iMeet® for innovative online meetings and productive collaboration from any device.

iMeet by PGi
  • Meet, chat, share and collaborate on projects virtually as productively as you would in person
  • Save time by recording meetings to keep everyone up to date
  • Launch an ad hoc meeting in one click from iMeet Central

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Finding Success with Marketing Collaboration

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iMeet by PGi

Eighty6 and iMeet by PGi

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iMeet Central

iMeet Central by PGi

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iMeet by PGi