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Collaborate and
Learn From Home

Stay connected virtually  with GlobalMeet® Webcast. Instantly join, host or manage broadcasts to reach students remotely.

Click here to learn how universities and colleges use webcasting for remote learning.

Why GlobalMeet Collaboration for Online Learning

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the education system forcing schools around the world to close, but classes don’t have to be canceled. Our online collaboration tools for teachers and educators make it easy to continue schooling online and can facilitate communication with students, parents, administrators, teaching partners and more. Continue the school year at home with GlobalMeet Collaboration. It’s always free to use and easy to get started with zero commitment.

Your Classroom is Now Online

Need modern collaboration tools for teachers? GlobalMeet Collaboration has everything you need to bring your classroom online and into the digital age.

Manage Attendance

GlobalMeet Collaboration makes it easy to take attendance by letting the presenter know who is missing from the web meeting.

Screen Share Lessons

Keep students engaged with teacher collaboration tools like screen sharing and provide a visual aid during your lesson.

White Board Digitally

Create a digital white boarding session by letting students take control of a document and complete lessons in real time.

Speak Face to Face

Take advantage of video conferencing and speak face to face with students and have a meaningful classroom discussion.

HD Audio

GlobalMeet Collaboration features world class HD audio. You can be sure your message is always crystal clear.

Manage Questions

Instead of raising hands, have students ask questions in our chat feature. Teachers can easily address all questions coming in one at a time.

Webcasting for Higher Education

Webcasting allows universities and colleges to interact in ways they weren’t able to before. Given this unprecedented time, webcast software like GlobalMeet Webcast can be a huge asset for institutions. Contact a GlobalMeet Webcast representative to see how we can help your university transition to online learning.

Transitioning to an Online Classroom​

While every school system has days where school is cancelled due to inclement weather, typically students are only away from the classroom for a few days at most. The coronavirus outbreak has many schools unsure of when they will open up schools again. During this time, it’s important that teachers can continue their lessons as planned and transition to an online classroom. We recommend using online collaboration tools for education like GlobalMeet Collaboration. We are here to help you navigate the new normal for our education system.

Collaboration Tools for Teachers

During these unprecedented times, it’s important that teachers have the online collaboration tools they need to teach developing young minds. GlobalMeet Collaboration is a great resource for teachers to use for students at any age or education level. The intuitive interface makes it easy to facilitate class online. Plus, teachers can take advantage of video conferencing for parent teacher meetings and regular office hours.

Collaboration Tools for Students

Home schooling can be challenging for students if they don’t have the right tools to keep them engaged and motivated. GlobalMeet Collaboration is an intuitive and easy online learning option for students of all ages. With video and web conferencing capabilities, students are able to learn from the comfort and safety of their own home. Instead of simply reading textbooks and completing worksheets, GlobalMeet Collaboration allows students to actively engage with their teachers, ask questions and have meaningful classroom discussions.

Collaboration Tools for Administrators

During the COVID-19 crisis, educators need to evaluate developments on a daily basis and how they will affect schools and their students. Using online collaboration tools can help teachers and administrative staff sync on pertinent issues and continuation of online learning. Education collaboration tools offer more than just a way to host class online, it truly helps facilitate communication at all levels of the education system. Keep your staff connected and informed during the COVID-19 crisis.

Video Communications for Today’s Digital Classrooms

Video conferencing can play an important role in online education. Seeing students during class can ensure they are engaged and not multitasking. GlobalMeet Collaboration offers HD audio and video conferencing so that your lessons come across loud and clear. Our video conferencing solution is free to use, so you can experience the difference for yourself.

Higher Education
Collaboration Tools

For professors wanting to continue their lecture series online, Globalmeet Webcast is another great option. You can broadcast a polished video feed and present to hundreds or even thousands of students. Read our blog and learn how webcasting can help your higher education online learning strategy.

Building Trust with
Video Conferencing

Educators around the world are faced with a new normal of online learning. For many, this is a new concept. Read our blog to help build connections and trust with video conferencing. We’re sure these tips will help you create better discussions with students, teachers and administrators. 

We’re in This Together

We can help you every step of the way while you transition into an online learning environment. The first step is easy, sign up for your free GlobalMeet Collaboration account and see how you can take advantage of it for digital learning as long as you need it. If you have questions, reach out, we are here to help.