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Not all conferencing and collaboration solutions are created equal. GlobalMeet® Collaboration for Legal is the only legal conferencing and billing software designed specifically for legal professionals. 

Trusted By the Top Law Firms

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AMLAW 100 and AMLAW 200.

GlobalMeet for Legal offers the highest quality legal conferencing service for important client meetings, coupled with time-saving methods to reduce back-office expenses and increase bottom-line profitability. Previously known as Soundpath Legal, GlobalMeet Collaboration is the legal meeting solution trusted by over 800 law firms worldwide.


GlobalMeet for Legal also offers predictive cost structures that allow for easier budgeting as well as help streamline technology costs and increase the bottom line. The largest law firms trust GlobalMeet Collaboration for superior legal conferencing.

Easy Reconciliation with GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal

When every minute is accounted for, you need a professional legal conferencing solution that makes it easy to reconcile your client billings at the end of the month. GlobalMeet Collaboration’s patented billing system lets you enter a client matter number so your conferencing minutes are accurately tracked and billed back accordingly. For law firms, smooth client billing processes are a huge advantage, and Globalmeet Collaboration can help attorneys better allocate legal meeting costs. The end of the month doesn’t have to be stressful because GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal makes reconciliation a whole lot easier.

Clear Audio

Your audio can either make or break a meeting. GlobalMeet Collaboration for legal provides quality audio for your legal meetings. We make it easy to choose your preferred audio method to host your attorney conference call.

Easy Web Conferencing

With GlobalMeet Collaboration’s advanced web conferencing capabilities, you can reimagine your legal meetings. Host and record client sessions virtually, so that you can playback the conversation for trial prep.

HD Video Conferencing

Take your attorney conference call to the next level with high-definition video conferencing. When you can’t speak in person, GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal can help you speak face to face or securely share content online.

Intuitive Legal Conferencing and Collaboration

GlobalMeet Collaboration is an easy-to-use legal meeting solution for client meetings, depositions, continuing legal education, business development and more. The simple and intuitive interface allows lawyers to connect, collaborate and share information quickly from any device. Our easy one-click access makes taking legal meetings from anywhere that much easier. GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal can help improve your productivity even when you’re on the go. For law firms, easy access to the GlobalMeet app means getting legal meetings started faster, improving productivity and decreasing downtime.

Secure Attorney Conference Call

Your reputation is how you bring in new business. In today’s landscape, presenting a secure, polished and professional experience to clients and prospective clients helps grow your business. When your business reputation is at stake, you need a trusted provider and a secure solution to host legal meetings. GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal features industry-leading security so that your client information is secure and confidential 100% of the time. Don’t jeopardize your secure and confidential information, put your trust in secure, legal conferencing.

Collaboration for Legal Minds

GlobalMeet Collaboration provides law firms the flexibility to host virtual legal meetings with high-definition audio, video and web conferencing. GlobalMeet Collaboration helps attorneys reduce travel costs and increase productivity with virtual legal meetings. Beyond the flexibility of meeting with your clients anywhere at any time, you can collaborate with fellow attorneys and partners on cases and upcoming trials. You can get started for free and experience the difference of GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal.

Video Legal

If you’re only hosting audio-only conference calls, we’ve got six reasons why you should consider using video conferencing for your virtual legal meetings.

Hosting Flawless
Legal Meetings

Hosting a flawless meeting is all about your execution. It doesn’t matter how good your content is, if your execution is off. We’ve got eight tips to make your next legal meeting flawless.

Why Our Customers Love GlobalMeet Collaboration​

Stop wasting time with the other guys and choose GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal. We understand your unique needs and have designed our legal conferencing solution specifically for you. Sign up for free and start having a better legal meeting experience. If you want to take advantage of our proprietary billing system, contact a sales representative to upgrade.

Already a Soundpath Legal Customer?

We’re excited about the evolution from Soundpath Legal to GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal, and we hope you are too. With our new web platform, you can reimagine how you interact with clients. GlobalMeet Collaboration for Legal provides the quality that Soundpath Conferencing customers are familiar with but now with a better meeting experience. Start hosting your legal meetings with audio, video and web conferencing.

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