PGi for Presentations

Looking to take your presentations to the next level? PGi’s suite of tools offers an easier way to share presentations and collaborate with groups from anywhere around the world.

You can meet up to 325 people with no downloads required for guests. Schedule a personalized demo and start creating more engaging presentations today.

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Easy-to-Use Presentation Tools

  • Share files from your desktop, laptop or mobile device with cloud-based file storage
  • Pass control to your guests and allow them to drive the online presentation
  • Interact with your audience using multipoint video or enable full-stage webcam mode to spotlight the presenter
  • Perfect for entrepreneurs, sales professionals, marketers and IT professionals in the office or on the go
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Better Interaction & Engagement

  • E-mail your presentation files to guests or allow downloads directly from your meeting
  • Share files and presentations from your iPad® or iPhone® with PGi’s industry leading mobile apps
  • Leverage interactive features like chat, notes, Q&A and polling
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Virtual Team Meetings

Virtual Team Meetings

  • Keep remote employees in the loop and connected
  • Hold face-to-face meetings with teams using multipoint video
  • Engage teams with real-time chat
  • Improve your virtual meeting experience with superior audio and user-friendly features
  • Share and view presentations, documents, videos and other content for more engaging collaboration
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