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Leveraging PGi’s suite of sales collaboration software, GlobalMeet® and Agenday®, enables sales representatives to generate more leads, secure more meetings and close more deals, from the office or on the go.

Productivity is essential for sales representatives like you. Using software built with sales in mind can help you build your pipeline faster, secure more meetings and stay productive while you are mobile. PGi’s deal-generating solutions will help you blow away your quota.

With PGi’s Sales Productivity & Collaboration Solutions, You Can:

  • Increase your pipeline and make quota faster
  • Build relationships more efficiently & convert prospects into customers faster
  • Maximize your time by conducting business on the go
  • Better manage your day & keep up with sales appointments
  • Update sales activity & send alerts to remote sales teams

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Collaboration is working together to share information, solve problems, complete projects and accomplish goals. Forrester Research
PGi GlobalMeet

Reliable and Intuitive Meeting Software

Use GlobalMeet® for hassle-free meetings across any device. Create and share meeting invitations with confidence, as guests can join from anywhere, with just one click, without any software downloads.

  • Meet, share and collaborate on projects virtually with multipoint video
  • Save time by recording meetings to keep everyone in the loop
  • Connect with just one click — no dial-ins or passcodes
  • Utilize intuitive and powerful features for both personal and content-driven meetings

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