PGi for Virtual Training

Our virtual training software makes educating your team easier. No matter where your team members are located – in the office or anywhere around the world – you can give them the resources and proper training they need to thrive with GlobalMeet by PGi. Learn more about using GlobalMeet® for training!

Online Training Software

Collaborate & Share Knowledge Across Virtual Teams

  • Train up to 125 participants using our online meeting software
  • Easily share your screen and files like training documents
  • Engage your team with real-time chat, Q&A and polling
  • Effortlessly record video & audio content for continued virtual trainings

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video conferencing

Perfect for Sales Training

  • Record pitches & presentations to share with new team members
  • Reduce travel costs for virtual sales teams
  • Hold face-to-face virtual training in HD video
  • Save time by recording meetings to keep your team up-to-date

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GlobalMeet Presentations From Your iPad by PGi

Convenient & Cost-Effective Training

  • Save money on travel, venues and print collateral with global screen sharing capabilites
  • Quick and convenient for remote workers to join
  • Attend from anywhere to increase productivity and decrease downtime
  • Ensure that only the appropriate people access internal information

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HR Onboarding Webcasting

Interactive Online Trainings

  • Employees get the same experience as an in-person training session
  • Attendees interact in real-time with streaming video, chat, polls, surveys and more
  • Includes pre and post-event reports detailing attendance and audience engagement metrics to help improve future programs
  • Reach a global audience of up to 10,000 people or as little as 2 people

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