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Network Requirements for GlobalMeet® UC Services

All capitalized terms used herein without definition shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the applicable underlying agreement. Customer agrees to the following network requirements (“Network Requirements”):

Effective use of GlobalMeet UC Services (“Services”) requires a high performance and properly configured broadband IP or MPLS network and connection to Customer’s internal and external networks (“Sufficient Network and Connection”). Unavailability (whether partial or complete) and poor performance of the Services (or other related services) may result from use of the Services with any incompatible network, services or connection. Customer will provide and maintain, at its own cost, such Sufficient Network and Connection and all equipment necessary for the Services to properly connect to and use such Sufficient Network and Connection.

PGi recommends the use of a Software Defined Wide Area network (SD-WAN) or other similar network prioritization technology to ensure acceptable quality and performance of the Services. This technology should be used for all Customer locations where network throughput or congestion may limit the performance of the Services. For optimal performance, PGi strongly recommends Customer leverage PGi for procurement, deployment, and configuration of such SD-WAN technology. To protect against network failures and other quality-impacting WAN issues, PGi also strongly recommends the addition of a backup or alternative network connection to work in conjunction, as managed by the SD-WAN service, with the primary IP network.
PGi does not support or guarantee that any desk telephone or other equipment not certified and provided by PGi will function with the Services.

To minimize unauthorized use (whether fraudulent usage or usage that violates PGi’s or Customer’s policies), Customer (a) should disable international calling for all telephone lines, extensions or accounts for which such calling activity is not needed or authorized; (b) permit international calling only to those destinations that are needed and authorized; (c) block inbound calls with no caller identification or from any unwanted or suspicious callers or area codes; (d) should not permit the attachment of facsimile image and voicemail audio files to message notification emails (unless such functionality is required or Customer is confident such files will not include sensitive or confidential content).

Failure to comply with these Network Requirements may result in difficulties with troubleshooting and problem resolution and may limit PGi’s ability to deliver sufficient customer support for the Services.