Hybrid Events with GlobalMeet® Webcast

Helping our clients deliver hybrid virtual events for 30+ years.

Running Virtual or Hybrid events may be new to you, but it’s not new to us. GlobalMeet Webcast is the only technology and service provider with over 30 years of experience in producing engaging hybrid virtual events.

What is a Hybrid Event?

A Hybrid Event is simply one that combines both an in-person and virtual experience. It is successful when both in-person and virtual attendees can experience the event together, participate equally and are offered the same engaging content.

Hybrid Events enables audience members to choose whether to attend an event such as a tradeshow, conference, exhibition or fair, live or remotely. It is also the ideal solution for enterprises that require some participants to attend in-person, while other employees tune in remotely.

Engage Audiences Both In-Person & Virtually

GlobalMeet Webcast provides secure, full interactive sessions with rich-media presentations from anywhere to everywhere.

Use your existing audio/video equipment or hire GlobalMeet Webcast Production Services to extend your event to a virtual audience around the globe. Our professional producers, technicians and crews, as well as 24/7 managed support, bring your virtual and in-person audiences together to ensure your event runs without a glitch.

Onsite Assistance Can Include:

  • GlobalMeet Webcast Specialist
  • A/V Production Crews
  • Event Emcee
  • Broadcast Studios

Interactive Components Include

  • Meeting Room View — Q&A, polling and surveys to the in-person audience with a mobile-optimized interactive version for virtual participants
  • Presentation Slide Mode — simultaneously share your slides full screen to the in-person audience while controlling the webcast slide delivery

Visit Our Blog to learn more about how to host awesome Hybrid and Virtual Events for your global audiences.

GlobalMeet Webcast is a complete event solution that supports both your virtual and in-person audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is one that incorporates a live in-person event with a virtual online element. Typically, a hybrid event will include in-person presenters and in-person attendees, as well as a live-streamed webcast.

Hybrid events are suited to most enterprise events such as townhalls, product launches, marketing events, tradeshows, conferences, investor relations, exhibitions and fairs.

The benefits of hosting a hybrid event include:

  • The ability to offer webcast content on-demand after the event
  • A means of tracking online attendance and capture leads
  • Cost and time savings for attendees who can’t travel
  • Convenience and reduced costs for event hosts
  • The ability to reach a larger audience

Yes, hosts can record the live event and share a link with people who could not attend, allowing to watch the recording later when it suits them to do so. Technology, such as GlobalMeet Webcast, allows hosts to create content that attendees can consume later, on their schedules. As a result, organizers are no longer bound to schedule events for a single date and time.

Yes. Now that businesses have become used to working remotely, a hybrid event offers the opportunity to connect with an even bigger audience, enabling some of your audience to attend in-person and others to attend remotely. Hybrid event technology enables organizations to reach employees and customers who cannot or will not travel, enabling them to attend the event virtually from where it suits them to do so.
Absolutely! Virtual events are so much more than presenters speaking to a camera without any engagement between presenters and attendees. Breakout rooms, chat functionality and real-time surveys are a few ways event organizers can bring attendees into the conversation and help them be involved.
Definitely! Hybrid is an opportunity to ‘upsize’ your event, taking a smaller or regional event for example, and opening it to attendees across the globe. A hybrid event is an opportunity to deliver content to people exactly how and where they want it, regardless of whether or not they can attend in person. Connect with audiences who love your message and your product but are unable to travel to meet you. Host a physical event for those who can travel and virtual for those who can’t.

Yes, you can. Alternatively, you can hire GlobalMeet Webcast Production Services to extend your event to your virtual audience. Professional producers and technicians, as well as our 24/7 managed support team will bring your virtual and in-person audiences together.

Up to 70,000 people can attend your virtual event. Speak with your venue of choice to determine how many people can attend in-person.
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