Hive Streaming for GlobalMeet Webcast

Take advantage of the Hive Streaming integration for GlobalMeet® Webcast to internally scale video distribution within your enterprise.

Network Impact​

With Hive for GlobalMeet Webcast, you can distribute live and on-demand videos without impacting your enterprise network.

Detailed Reporting​

Access additional data and analytics from Hive Streaming directly integrated into GlobalMeet Webcast’s administration portal.

High-Definition Video​

Stream high-quality video to all employees without buying additional hardware or bandwidth.

High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting Without Straining Your Network

Our end-to-end integration helps you broadcast video content without impacting corporate networks. The Hive peer-to-peer streaming solution enables everyone to view the same stream on their device, rather than everyone pulling their own stream. Get more out of GlobalMeet Webcast with the Hive Streaming integration.

How It Integrates

Users will continue to create, schedule and host their online events with GlobalMeet Webcast. The integration leverages GlobalMeet Webcast’s easy-to-use interface to connect to Hive Streaming. The player is embedded within GlobalMeet Webcast and provides the ability to enable viewing or playback of the event or Hive Streaming channel. The live or on-demand video will seamlessly play with the Hive Streaming Agent located on the user’s device.

Administrative users can gain additional insights and reporting through the integration of Hive Streaming analytics to GlobalMeet Webcast’s reporting and administrative portal.

GlobalMeet Webcast for Virtual Events

GlobalMeet Webcast provides a professional way for you to schedule and host high-profile online and webcasting events.
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