Webinar Series: Competing Smarter With Your Business Communication Platform

GlobalMeet guest speaker Ira Weinstein from Recon Research discusses opportunities small to midsize businesses can seize for improving operations, recruitment, customer service, and more using a full-service, unified communications (UC) platform.

“I like to think of UC differently. I like to think that UC is more of a mindset, not a solution. It’s a way of working. It’s an attitude. It’s an idea that making our people available, accessible, and productive is how we can be successful.” - Ira Weinstein

“Part 1: Boosting Your Business Communication Agility – It’s a Matter of Survival.”
Time: 30 Minutes
Presenter: Ira Weinstein, Founder & Managing Partner, Recon Research
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“Part 2: To Cloud or Not to Cloud Your Business Communication Platform?"
Time: 30 Minutes
Presenter: Ira Weinstein, Founder & Managing Partner, Recon Research
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“Part 3: The GlobalMeet Advantage”
Time: 30 Minutes
Presenter: Pat Harper, Chief Technology Officer, PGi
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PGi: Completing the Streaming Experience

Join Stephane Barnatt as he presents everything new and upcoming with PGi's Leading Enterprise Webcasting Platform; and how we've evolved to complete the streaming experience

  • The transition from TalkPoint to PGi
  • Upcoming UI Update and transition to Full HD
  • Integration with UC tools such as Jabber, Skype and BlueJeans with our Video Bridge
  • ECDN and Peer to Peer Integrations
  • Partnerships for Virtual Events and Video On Demand
  • Closing the gap with Social media
  • Workflow optimisation

PGi: Video Streaming: Is Your Network Ready for the Challenge?

Please join Wainhouse Research’s Steve Vonder Haar, Stephane Barnatt from TalkPoint, a PGi company, and Jonathan Discount (JD), from Hive Streaming, who discuss the challenges corporations face and possible solutions. Topics to be covered include:

  • Growing importance of enterprise video delivery and the related challenges
  • Determining network readiness for high quality live and on-demand video communications including our new UI and range of meeting apps
  • Much more, including peer-based streaming, Flash's impending end-of-life, the promise of WebRTC and hosting video content

Future of Business Collaboration Webinar: Communication for the Intelligent Enterprise

Annually, PGi unveils its top trends to watch for in collaboration via its highly-anticipated eBook, The Future of Business Collaboration. This year’s book covers a myriad of topics discussed by experts and influencers, including generational work and applied sciences to unified communications and mixed reality.

Watch this webinar for an exclusive look at this year's key business trends, tools and technologies.

Enterprise Video Best Practice

PGi were asked to present by 27partners along with other experts to discuss what it takes to run a successful video strategy.

PGi has been delivering live events for 25 years, and the focus of our presentation was around delivering live video events, whether they be via your webcam, Video Conferencing set-up, onsite AV Crews, UC tools such as Skype or a combination of all the above.

PGi was also supported in this presentation by their partners HIVE streaming who gave an overview on their software defined ECND (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) and how that is optimizing networks for the successful delivery of live and ONDemand Video.

Maximize the ROI on Your Skype Server Deployment

Our new GlobalMeet for Skype Server solution seamlessly integrates our world class and market leading audio into Skype for Business Server environments, without any additional hardware, to increase the value of the Microsoft investment.

Customer feedback has been very positive whilst analysts Frost and Sullivan recently stated "...we see millions of dollars of unrealised technology potential within investments made by enterprise. PGI's GlobalMeet integration will help close that gap for the IT professional."

Meet the New GlobalMeet Democast

Allow us to reintroduce GlobalMeet®. We’ve upgraded it to use the latest technology and it has a fantastic new looking UI, if we do say so ourselves. This dramatically improves the user experience, allowing for quicker and more effective collaboration. So please join Adrian and Jason in this democast who will cover:

  • Reintroducing GlobalMeet, including our brand new UI, instant meeting access and seamless deployment
  • Our industry leading customer support
  • The new, superior user experience supported by the latest technology, with HD video and audio.
  • The future roadmap of GlobalMeet

Event Conferencing Infocast

PGi’s industry-leading Event Conferencing services allow you to host up to 15,000 participants from anywhere in the world over a secure and reliable global audio network and add engaging visuals with Slide Assist.

  • Award-Winning Customer Service: PGi’s event experts ensure your meeting is flawlessly executed from beginning to end. This is why some of the world’s largest organizations rely on our proven expertise to manage their high-profile events.
  • Visual Presentations: When you need to go beyond audio, use PGi’s Slide Assist to share visual elements in your presentations.
  • Risk-Free, Full Service: We understand the meeting is just one part of the entire event lifecycle. Our award-winning event specialists will work with you every step of the way to make your event a success.

GlobalMeet Web & Video Conferencing Democast

GlobalMeet® is a reliable, easy-to-use and intuitive all-in-one conferencing solution that delivers a superior collaboration experience from anywhere in the world. See for yourself in this no-pressure webinar demo, where we will walk through:

  1. Scheduling, Starting and Connecting: Using your Outlook® toolbar to schedule and launch a GlobalMeet meeting, and connecting with the stunning audio quality of Dolby Voice®.
  2. Virtual Collaboration: Engage with participants with file share, screen share and multipoint video.
  3. Implementation Services and Support: Ensuring the best possible conferencing experience for all users.


How to Maximize the Potential of Skype for Business

Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar for a discussion around how to maximize the potential of Skype for Business. Stephane Barnatt and Andrew Bissett will talk through:

  • Readiness: Validating that your network and compute environments are Skype for Business-qualified.
  • Adoption: Planning to drive adoption amongst your user base, and the resources required to do so.
  • Enhancements: Adding value for end-users to encourage use of the application.

iMeetLive Democast

iMeetLive® makes hosting web events easy. Whether your need is for a town hall, training or virtual marketing event, industry-leading iMeetLive allows you to create, host and record professional-quality webinars and webcasts to hundreds or thousands of viewers anywhere in the world. With iMeetLive, you will interact and engage with attendees and benefit from powerful analytics to measure success.

Watch this demo to see behind the scenes of PGi’s webinar and webcasting tool, iMeetLive.

You’ll see how to:

  • Create your own webinars with iMeetLive’s setup wizard and develop branded emails and registration pages.
  • Edit and publish recorded on-demand webinars, using the same URL as the live event.
  • Share your screen, slide presentations and stream HD video of multiple presenters.
  • Engage your audience with live Q&A and polling.
  • Instantly measure your success with comprehensive, on-demand reporting – with optional automatic notifications.

You’ll also learn about iMeetLive’s fully-managed event services, including your access to 24/7 technical support during a live event.

GlobalMeet Conferencing Democast Part 2

GlobalMeet® enables global businesses to collaborate more efficiently and productively — anywhere, anytime and on any device. After our first webinar, please join Adrian and Jason who will walk through:

  • The dynamic meeting room experience
  • Full product functionality including our new UI and range of meeting apps
  • The benefits customers receive with our award winning platform

3 Ways to Maximize Collaboration ROI at Your Law Firm

Brought to you by:

Soundpath Legal — A PGi Company

Law firms continue to endure challenges of efficiently exchanging information while mitigating risks of poor organization and failed communications. This makes tools for collaboration and UCC necessities for law firms to increase productivity, improve communications and share information among both remote and on-site employees, as well as clients. Implementing these collaboration tools is typically an expensive investment. How do you ensure you’re able to capture positive ROI from the effort?

Register for Soundpath Legal’s webinar for expert advice from the experts on three ways you can maximize ROI from collaboration investments. Discussion topics to include:

  • How to discover and understand your firm’s use cases of collaboration tools, prior to making a switch.
  • Advice and strategies for a painless implementation and strong user adoption.
  • Questions to ask when determining whether one or multiple collaboration vendors is best for your law firm’s needs.

Integrity, Trust and Insight

Success is defined differently by everyone. But achieving that success can come from utilizing a myriad of skills and experiences. During this PGi webinar, we will discuss how you can use integrity, trust and insight to become a more successful individual in your professional career.

Check out the webinar now, with our host, Nancy Applegarth, PGi Customer Training Specialist, to find out more about how to use integrity, trust and insight to achieve success.

5 Steps to Great Meeting Visuals

When it comes to meetings, no one likes staring at a PowerPoint inundated with text. Visuals give presentations life and can help with audience engagement and information retention. In this webinar, PGi will discuss the five steps to utilizing meeting visuals to achieve better engagement and information retention.

Check out the webinar now, with our host, Nancy Applegarth, PGi Customer Training Specialist, to find out more about using visuals to make your next meeting a success.

HR in the Virtual Workplace

Human Resources is one of the most important departments in any business. And while these departments rely on face-to-face communication, in a virtual workplace, communication and collaboration with employees can be tricky. In this webinar, PGi will discuss who HR teams and employees can work together to keep HR functions running smoothly, regardless of their locations.

Check out the webinar now, with our host, Nancy Applegarth, PGi Customer Training Specialist, to find out more about HR in the virtual workplace.

Hosting a Better Virtual Meeting

The goal behind any meeting is to keep your audience engaged. But when it comes to virtual meetings, keeping your audience engaged can be a little tricky. In this webinar, PGi will discuss tips and tricks on engaging with your virtual audience, how to ensure your online meetings run smoothly and how to keep you, as the speaker, as authentic as you would be if you were presenting in person.

Check out the webinar now, with our host, Nancy Applegarth, PGi Customer Training Specialist, to find out more about hosting virtual meetings.

PowerPoint Slides That Get Results

Whether you’re a presentation novice or a PowerPoint professional, understanding how to make your presentation slides more impactful is extremely important when you’re trying to convey a point or persuade your audience. In this webinar, PGi will discuss how to use visuals, your voice and your content to successfully create a presentation that will get the results you need.

Check out the webinar now, with our host, Nancy Applegarth, PGi Customer Training Specialist, to find out more about creating impactful presentations.

Listening and Being Understood

Communication is important in the workplace. It helps us collaborate and work effectively with our peers, and helps build workplace relationships with our teams. But do you know if you’re understood by your coworkers? Are you listening and interpreting their communication well? In this webinar, PGi will discuss the need and importance of listening, how to communicate to be better understood and how to implement these practices in your daily life.

Check out the webinar now, with our host, Teresa Mejia, PGi Implementation and Training Specialist, to find out how you can become a more efficient communicator.