Welcome Starconferencing.com Customer

On Friday, December 6th 2014, the website StarConferencing.com was redirected to PGi.com. This is how to login to use your service and to pay your bill.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Rate: This change has no effect on your current fees or billing.
  • Dial-in Numbers/Access Codes: Your conferencing details will not change.
  • Login Details: Below, we outline how you will login to your account at PGi.com

Login Details:

  • Instead of your Email Address, you will now login with a ClientID and a Password.
  • We emailed out ClientID’s to login on 12/2/2013.
  • You will use your same password to log into PGi.com as you did for StarConferencing.com.

To Pay Your Bill:

In order to pay your bill or login to see your phone numbers, please follow the information below.

  1. Click “Login” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click the GlobalMeet icon in the middle of the next screen.
  3. Enter your Client ID and Password.

If you are trying to pay your bill, then click the view/pay bill button.Or, if you are trying to access your other services, click login.