Top 10 Ways To Modernise Your Collaboration Through UC

People have a rich choice of communication services in both their work and personal lives – FaceTime, WhatsApp, Slack, among others.

It has become more important than ever for unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) providers to ensure their products are just as intuitive to use and even more reliable than popular mass-market apps.

There is more to offering a compelling, modern UC&C service than snappy name. Download the white paper to learn the top 10 highlights of a winning UC offering.

What is UCaaS – and How Do I Buy it?

Frost & Sullivan research shows that unified communications (UC) is here to stay, with almost two-thirds of companies reporting that UC is deployed within their organization.

PGi partnered with Frost & Sullivan to define unified communications as a service and outline how the cloud-based solution supports corporate goals. UCaaS delivers a wide variety of benefits to businesses, but not all UCaaS solutions are alike. Download the white paper to learn what key features and functionality to look for when evaluating potential UCaaS providers.

Webinars vs. Web Conferencing: What Tool is Best for You?

Two-thirds of companies use web conferencing on a regular basis for project collaboration. While web conferencing solutions can be used to support large-group or strategically important meetings, webinar technology is designed specifically for that purpose and will almost always deliver a better experience and a higher return on investment.

So, how do you know when to use a web conferencing tool and when to trust your meeting to a more robust, full featured service?

PGi teamed up with Frost & Sullivan to explore key differences between these communications technologies. Download the white paper to determine which tool is best for you.

Looks Matter: 3 Ways Poor UX and UI Can Hurt Business Productivity

Poor UI and UX in meeting platforms often means wasted time and productivity for businesses. View our whitepaper now to learn more about how PGi, an industry leader in collaboration software and services, is creating a UX and UI experience that will positively impact employee satisfaction and productivity in the workforce.

View our whitepaper now to learn more about how PGi is creating a UX and UI that will positively impact employee satisfaction and productivity.

Live Video Streaming Without Straining the Corporate Network

Video webcasting is the most vibrant and intimate medium executives can use to convey information to large, widespread internal audiences – efficiently and cost-effectively.

Video helps keep employees stay informed and unified on company branding, strategic direction and externally-facing messaging. Video technology facilitates and fosters the transparency and authenticity that today’s employees demand, leading to a more engaged, productive workforce.

If your CEO hasn’t already asked to arrange live video streaming to deliver a message company-wide, it’s just a matter of time before they do. When your CEO comes calling, will you be ready?

The Future of Enterprise is Mobile

According to new research: The future of enterprise is mobile. Smartphone adoption has grown significantly, and the industry expects growth to continue. This global survey of mobile industry professionals shows that collaboration fuels enterprise success, and highlights how unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) tools need to be simple, intuitive, easily accessible and enjoyable for the best possible end-user experience. This report unveils that the smartphone is now the go-to device for UC&C services, underlining the increasing mobility of workers.

PGi collaborated with Mobile World Live to poll more than 300 mobile industry leaders on UC&C with a focus on mobile usage. The Future of UC&C on Mobile survey report provides insight into how mobile industry professionals around the world rate their UC&C experiences on a mobile device, and what impact current and emerging technologies will have on the future use of smartphones for UC&C services for the mobile enterprise.

Download the report now to learn more about the role mobile devices and technologies will play in the future UC&C experience and the opportunity for mobile operators to enable UC&C for enterprises and their end-users.

Leverage Collaboration Partners to Drive Innovation

It’s no secret – the collaboration space is pretty complex. There are tons of service providers out there and the decision-making process can become confusing. It can be hard to understand what exactly you need in communications and how to deploy it.  Furthermore, weighing the cost and ROI on your investment can be stressful. How much will my business pay upfront? Are there additional fees? What happens when no one uses the technology implemented?

These questions, among others, can keep IT leaders up at night and can often lead to extremely time-consuming processes. Thankfully, PGi partnered with Frost & Sullivan to produce this whitepaper, Leverage Collaboration Partners to Drive Innovation. This piece reviews what to look for in a service provider and how to successfully leverage a collaboration partnership to drive communication success. Download today.

Making Skype for Business Better — White Paper with Frost & Sullivan

If you are a member of the corporate workplace, there is a good chance you use Skype® for Business as a cornerstone of your daily communications. With more than 140 million licensed users on Skype for Business, Microsoft has becoming a major name in enterprise communications. However, not all users get as much out of the platform as they could. For maximum return on investment (ROI), users must demonstrate optimized usage habits, and companies must adjust their Skype for Business strategy to optimize the product and produce maximum ROI.

How can you maximize your Skype for Business journey? The key lies in a trusted partnership. By partnering with other companies and service providers, Microsoft opens up the door for value-add capabilities that can enhance the Skype for Business experience. If you are looking to boost user engagement and employee productivity, enhance audio quality on your conference calls, receive better Skype for Business support or customize your Skype for Business experience, a partnership with a reliable vendor is the way to go.

PGi recently teamed up with Frost & Sullivan to explore how to maximize your Skype for Business investment. To learn more, download the white paper “Making Skype for Business Better: Tips for Improving the User and IT Experience” today.

Digital Collaboration: The Rise of UC&C — White Paper Collaboration with Heavy Reading

The advent of IP-based networks over 15 years ago drastically changed the landscape of the corporate workplace. The rise of IP networks set the stage for the boom of unified communications (UC), where voice over IP (VoIP) telephony aligned with IM, file sharing, fixed/mobile convergence (FMC), email and white boarding to create a one-stop-shop for digital collaboration and communication.

With the widespread adoption of cloud-based services came a new UC service model that leveraged cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure. This UC-as-a-service (UCaaS) model created new opportunities for enterprises looking to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) in a cloud-based managed service model that responded to issues of aging infrastructure.

As the UCaaS boom continues and unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions dominate the market, PGi teamed up with Jim Hodges, principal analyst at Heavy Reading, to explore the evolution of UC in contributing to an end-to-end UC&C digital collaboration service architecture and driving change in cloud-based managed services models.

Fight Back Against the OTT Threat

A Total Telecom Article on Behalf of PGi

“By the end of 2020, VoLTE subscribers will account for more than $200 Billion in revenue.”SNS Research

The telecom market is radically changing, as demand for traditional services continues to decline. Telecom operators will lose an estimated $386 billion to over-the-top (OTT) players by 2018. Telco carriers and communication service providers must shift their focus quickly to reduce the risk of these losses. How will carriers and service providers compete against the OTT threat?

In this white paper by Total Telecom and PGi, you will learn how VoLTE and mobile-first collaboration services empower operators to fight back against OTT providers, as well as:

  • The key strategy for carriers to fight back against OTT providers
  • What your product offerings could be missing
  • How mobile operators will change the game and increase wallet share

Do you want to learn more about how to strategize against the OTT threat? Let’s chat.

The Science of Sound, Part 2: Noise in the Workplace and the Promise of Mobile Conferencing

If you read The Science of Sound, Part 1, you already know that the sounds that surround us (and the quality of those sounds) can have a marked impact not just our work, but on our health and well-being as well. Our ears are "always on", constantly taking in the sounds around us and analyzing their meaning. And the sounds you experience while you're in the office can play a significant role in shaping how you communicate, collaborate and concentrate.

In The Science of Sound, Part 2, we delve deeper into the issue of noise in the office and how distracting sounds in the work environment can inhibit your productivity and concentration — and we will teach you how to deal with unwanted workplace noise. To learn more about how to maximize your productivity and cope with your noisy office, read The Science of Sound, Part 2 white paper.

The Risks of Letting Employees Lead the IT Agenda

We live in an era of ever-evolving technology that is changing the way we work and live. Our homes and offices are being flooded with a host of choices that will revolutionize how we work and play. But, with this deluge of technology, how does an IT team stay focused to understand the latest tools and applications while also balancing enterprise needs to drive innovation and technology?

Corporate IT departments face a daunting task: supporting and deploying the right mix of technology while upholding strict security measures and ensuring that said products and vendors remain the right choice for their users and for the enterprise. And while measures may be in place to avoid rogue procurement from various teams in the business, today's market is inundated with cloud-based technologies that make it easier than ever to bypass IT to implement the product a team may need to complete a project.

In this white paper, by PGi's SVP Global Marketing, Leo Tucker, you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize and define the risks associated with shadow IT
  • Maintain control of the IT agenda
  • Create a proactive strategy to ensure success

Download the free white paper now to learn more about the risks of shadow IT and letting employees control the IT agenda.

The IT Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing

It has long been known that web conferencing solutions can be time-saving and have a revenue-lifting impact on productivity, while boosting team relationships of disparate and siloed teams. But with all of the positive impacts a web conferencing solution can have on a business, it can equally become just another pain point for IT teams. To reduce the burden on IT teams (and their budget and resources), it is crucial to find the right solution from the start. To help you and your team find the best web conferencing solution, PGi has created The IT Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing.

In this piece, we’ll cover:

  • Cost-saving benefits
  • The ease of deployment
  • The user experience
  • Security and compliance features
  • Essential web conferencing features

To learn more about how to determine which web conferencing solution fits your company’s needs, check out The IT Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing.

“The Science of Sound” White Paper

In order to understand the  large-scale impact of audio quality on our psychology, behavior and work performance, it is crucial to first understand the science of sound and how our brain is able to turn sound waves into meaningful information.

Within PGi’s Science of Sound white paper, you will learn the science behind what we hear (and how we hear) in the workplace, as well as how high-quality audio in meetings can positively affect your brain function and, by extension, your work performance.

IT Buyer’s Guide to Video Conferencing

Regardless of your company's size, if its like most businesses, your workforce has become more geographically disparate than ever. And while your team may not all share the same office, or is comprised of road warriors or remote workers, you all still have to meet on occasion. But how can your company avoid eating travel costs to get members together for something as large as an annual strategy meeting or as simple as a weekly check in?

In the not so distant past, video conferencing was something on most companies' wish lists, but not anymore. "Video conferencing has finally taken its rightful place as a core business tool", reports Wainhouse. "Companies around the world are depending on video enabled meetings to empower their people, serve their clients better and compete on a global basis."

And as previous problems surrounding video have faded, new opportunities have opened and the high barrier to entry has been removed. There's no doubt that video conferencing has become an essential key to collaboration for modern workplaces, but of course, there are dramatically different strategies and approaches on which solutions meet the needs of the workforce.

To better understand these strategies, PGi has created a Video Conferencing Buyer's Guide. Download the guide now to learn more about what to look for when purchasing a video conferencing solution for your company.

IT Insight Series: Empowering the User

It’s no secret that new technology drives cultural transformation, slays status quos and propels team productivity and collaboration, but what tech providers don’t want to admit is that these new applications don’t really accomplish any of those things unless the implementation and adoption process is seamless.

From enterprise deployment to mobile positioning, there are million things that can go wrong, and a number of recurring oversights can prevent a well-intentioned purchase from providing significant ROI. And unfortunately, many IT teams don’t have dedicated personnel to roll out new software and applications.

A successful implementation begins well before the day you roll out a solution. A best-in-class customer success team provides a partnership from the earliest stages of planning and determining processes. But too often, these first steps are overlooked or oversimplified.Angelina Beitia, SVP of Customer Success

From alignment strategies and personalized training to benchmarking reports and user adoption campaigns, it is important to map out the implementation process to ensure end-user success.

To learn more about how having a team of dedicated professionals help with the implementation process can catapult your application’s success and ROI, check out our latest IT Insight Series white paper, Empowering the User – Adoption Programs Drive Technology Success.

IT Insights Series: Establishing Credibility Across an Organization

The combination of BYOD and shadow IT have been a growing trend in the modern workplace. And unfortunately for IT teams, these trends can pose some serious problems. In the latest edition of our IT Insights Series, we’ll provide a point of view to help IT professionals address the topics and trends – like shadow IT and BYOD – that are directly impacting their teams.

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why IT and LOB buyers need to be BFFs
  • Understanding what LOB teams need
  • Why IT must build strong LOB relationships

Vendor Soup and Productivity Drains

If your marketing department is like ours, the number of players on your roster keeps growing. Simply managing the quantity of meetings these relationships require is overwhelming. Now add the internal folks competing for your attention along with deadlines, answering emails, keeping track of documents and the constant stream of requests from executives.

Read the article “Vendor Soup and Other Productivity Drains” and you’ll learn what factors are causing marketers to lose valuable time and productivity.  Factors such as “partial” legacy tools or point solutions ill-equipped to handle modern collaboration needs.  The good news is that when you implement next-generation collaboration technologies — like integrated document, content and project management, you fare much better and your performance can actually improve.

2015 PGi Global Telework Survey

We know flexible work is on the rise, but what exactly does telework look like across the globe? PGi polled nearly 3,000 knowledge workers across three regions on telework to find out: North America (NA); Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific Japan (APJ).

Download the free 2015 PGi Global Telework Survey to find out where in the world workers are telecommuting, which technologies they’re using to work outside the office and how organizations around the world now perceive teleworkers.

The Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing

Web conferencing has the potential to transform the way a business collaborates. However, without the right features, ease of use, security, mobility and implementation assistance, your web conferencing investment could fail to deliver ROI.

Get your free guide to asking the right questions and choosing essential features for the best web conferencing experience.